Focus Level 5 Student's Book Unit 1

Personality and relationships • adjectives • collocations • phrases I can talk about relationships and personality. 1.1 Vocabulary SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW 1 In pairs, find phrasal verbs you can use to talk about life and relationships and cross out the verb which does NOT go with the particle(s).


4 depend / live / look up to 5 depend / get / find on 6 put / go / fall out with

1 look / put / take after 2 put / take / fall up with 3 grow / miss / split up

2 Write two true sentences and one false about yourself using the phrasal verbs in Exercise 1. Can your partner guess which one is false? As I was growing up, my sister often looked after me.

Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love.

What My Grandmother Means to Me Today is my dear grandmother’s eightieth birthday so I thought it was a perfect day to conjure up memories of my time spent with her, and everything I love and admire about her. The first thing people notice about her is her diminutive stature! She’s tiny and getting smaller. Apparently she once reached the dizzy heights of 1.5 metres and I remember shooting past her at the age of twelve. She may be short but she’s always possessed an iron will. If she doesn’t want to do something, she simply puts her foot down and refuses. I’m sure this is where I get my obstinate nature from. I am always flattered when her friends tell me that I remind them of her and I hope I will be as unprejudiced as she is when I reach the ripe old age of eighty. Not many people of her generation would have reacted as she did when I told her I was taking a year out of my studies to backpack around the world. She did not bat an eyelid but nodded in approval and told me she thought I’d have a wonderful time. Even though my grandmother is in her eighties, mentally she’s still very sharp . I was so proud of her when she learnt to use the Internet so that she could keep in touch with me when I was travelling abroad. I’ve always been touched by the fantastic presents she buys me. She’s considerate and kind and always finds the ideal gift. She’s suered many hardships over the years, more than her fair share – a lost baby, the death of a brother in the war, Grandad’s long illness. She doesn’t have a bad word to say about anybody. Mind you, she can be wonderfully irreverent at times, especially on the subject of politics. I’ve often thought that the world would be a better place with somebody as down-to-earth as she is in charge.


U N I T L A N G U A G E A N D S K I L L S Vocabulary: • Show what you know – phrasal verbs • personality and relationships • adjectives • collocations • common phrases Reading: • an article about friendships in literature • multiple matching Grammar: • perfect and continuous aspect Language in Focus: • future in the past Listening: • a talk about first impressions • sentence completion Speaking: • speculating about appearance Writing: • a formal email /letter F O C U S E X T R A • Grammar and Language in Focus Reference and Practice pp. 112–115 • WORD STORE booklet pp. 2–3 • Workbook pp. 4–15 or MyEnglishLab







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