Focus Level 5 Student's Book Unit 1




1.12 Listen to a talk about arguing. For questions 1–8, complete the sentences with a word or short phrase. 1 Arguments-as-proof are meant to prove or disprove a . 2 Arguments-as-presentation need a/an . 3 The speaker considers arguing to be a/an outcome of interacting with some of the people we meet. 4 People who argue with friends or family are often towards other people. 5 One of the benefits of arguing is that people have longer . 6 People who do not express their feelings can be compared to a/an . 7 The speaker suggests that an argument is equivalent to . 8 As long as you avoid , a good argument can actually create stronger bonds between people.

7 Choose the correct answer, A, B, C or D.

My best friend is called Zach. We attended the same primary school and we’ve grown up together. What can I tell you about him? He comes from a rather privileged 1 , his manner is gentle and 2 and he always sees the best in people. He’s very open-minded and is one of the most 3 people I know when it comes to dealing with others. Another reason why we get on with each other so well is that we have a lot in common. He often comes over to my house and we spend hours just 4 out and talking. There’s definitely a strong 5 between us and I know I can depend on him. If I’m having a hard time, I usually try to 6 on a brave face and pretend nothing is wrong. But he knows when I’m hiding something and encourages me to talk about it. Even if we go our separate ways after college, I know we will always 7 in touch with each other. I really do believe there’s a ( n ) 8 tie between us.


10 Read the advertisement from a website. Write a reply email of 220–260 words in an appropriate style.

1 A history

B background

C upbringing

D house

2 A unconfident B unassuming

C insecure C thankful C walking

D unworried D considerate

3 A acceptable 4 A hanging

B irreverent

B going B chain

D staying

5 A link 6 A place 7 A keep

C bond C pose

D knot

One of the most important and yet least understood areas of psychology concerns the role of friends in our lives. To help us with our research into friendship, we invite readers to write and tell us why their close friends are important to them, how they maintain their friendships and if the nature of their friendship has changed over time.

B put

D set

B continue

C get

D carry on

8 A devoted B unconditional C unbreakable D obstinate 8 Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first. Use between three and six words including the word in capitals. Do not change the word given. 1 The plan was that we should be at the station at four but we didn’t get there in time. We at the station at four but we didn’t get there in time. DUE 2 Next September, it will be four years since my family came to live here. By next September my family four years. BEEN 3 It was well known that they were rivals and it had been years since they’d agreed about anything. It was well known that they were rivals and that they for years. DISAGREEING 4 My grandmother was going to come over in a taxi but in the end she walked. My grandmother had in a taxi but in the end she walked here. PLANNING 5 It’s two weeks since Maria and her cousin quarrelled and they’re still not speaking. Maria and her cousin ago and they haven’t spoken since then. FELL


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