MAA Advanced Sick Time Agreement

Advanced Sick Time Agreement

I, ____________________________________ (Associate Name) ________________ (Associate ID#) request that __________ (number) hours of sick time (the “Advanced Sick Time”) be advanced for my use as of ___________________ (date). I understand that that this advance is a loan that will cause me to have a negative sick time balance, and that this time must be earned or paid back in full before I am authorized to utilize additional sick leave. I agree that I will repay the Advanced Sick Time by authorizing the Company to apply sick time granted to me on a future date (or vacation, upon my request) toward my negative sick time balance until it is no longer negative. I understand and agree that, if my employment ends before the Advanced Sick Time has been repaid in full to the Company, the remaining balance of the Advanced Sick Time will be (a) offset by any unused vacation that would have been eligible for payout, (b) deducted from my final paycheck, and/or (c) if there are not sufficient funds in the final paycheck to cover the remaining balance, I will make an immediate payment to the Company of any remaining unpaid balance.

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This Sick Time Advance Agreement must be signed and submitted to

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