Debrief - Withstand Pressure

Debrief- withstanding pressure

Working conditions are becoming challenging day by day. The result is pressure. Pressure awaits us in every sphere of life.Offices are no exceptions.Some stress is normal part of life, excessive stress interferes with your productivity, reduces your physical and emotional health. On the other hand, pressure motivates us, focuses towards goal and gives happiness along with a sense of accomplishment. However, excessive pressure results in fatigue, quality compromises, frustration, anger, insecurity etc. People who are slaves of mind succumb to pressure but people who are masters of their mind,WITHSTAND PRESSURE.

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Fear When in fear

We keep talking about our Mind, but it would be surprising to know that even medical science is not clear about the location of mind. However, they are sure of its presence.






Some facts about MIND are: Mind is located in every cell of the body Mind has no shape. It is a form of energy which is shapeless

Doing what you fear is the best way to conquer fear.






Thoughts: Thoughts are triggered through desire. More the desire, more are the thoughts. Thoughts are like thieves. They come to our mind when we are sleeping, they disappear when we wakeup.

Hate It is an extreme outcome of anger. The key to manage the emotion of hate is to tell yourself, “The person is extremely important in my life. I have to transact with him.”

Emotions: Emotions help us experience the world around.They are like postmen in our life.They come and give us messages. Many a times we tend to overlook these messages for which reason we should be aware of our emotions.



What makes you feel good

What makes you feel sad

Following is the list of emotions:



List of actions to withstand pressure

What makes you angry

List out factors that make you feel Good, Sad and Angry in your organization. Arrange them in the above matrix format. Following are the instructions that would help you withstand pressure:

Anger Need for Anger Management:

are in control

Good Image Good Health

handle factors in Quadrant No. 2 & 3

feel sad or angry. Therefore, perception matters. One’s own perception decides how one looks at the problem

Steps to Anger Management: STEP I – When you get angry, go and talk to the person STEP II -While talking,change your language from“youmade me angry” to“this behavior of yours has made me angry” STEP III – Be aware at the start that you are getting angry


Frustration It tells you:

You have no control There is a need for adaptation



Belief is an emotionally held assumption. Beliefs are built through experiences.Therefore, when experiences change, beliefs also change. The following diagram shows an Enabling Belief system:

I am good

Want to do well

I have done well

An Enabling Belief system retains positive experiences from the past and has intentions of doing well in the future. The following diagram shows a Disabling Belief system:

I am good

Will I do well?

I have done well

I am not doing well

Want to do well

An individual with a Disabling Belief system doubts his own capabilities and is in the mode of self pity. Such individuals tend to succumb to pressures completely. PROCESS OF REACTING TO SITUATIONS When you face a situation, ask yourself a question - Is the situation under control? If you can control the situation then observe your mindset. Move ahead if it is positive, otherwise stop. Approach your goal with a positive mindset. Look at your positive experiences with an Enabled Belief System. Look for the vital factors (growth for e.g.) and then focus on the actions to be taken to tackle the situation.


Focus on action











HIGHLIGHT’S OF THE DAY Insight’s frommultimedia tool on“Emotional Intelligence”: Every one of us has unique potential for emotional sensitivity, emotional memory, emotional processing and emotional learning ability.These four components encompass Emotional Intelligence. Following are the competencies of Emotional Intelligence: Self Awareness: Being aware of one’s own feelings Self Regulation: Reform situations from stressful to challenging Self Motivation: Move from defeating to motivating mindstate Empathy: Recognizing and responding to emotions of others Effective Relationship: Influence and persuade others, motivate and inspire self and others

Key Insight’s from the workshop Understanding pressure and its genesis Understanding“our”role in creating pressure Connecting with emotions Anger management

Techniques of becoming aware of self Operating in an enabled belief system Emotional intelligence

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