Sail the Iberian Peninsula - 2019

satisfactory compromise was reached wherein Cartagena became the home of Parliament and Murcia is the seat of the administrative functions of the area.

The Roman Theater This theater was built between the 5 th and 1 st centuries B.C. and dedicated to Gaius and Lucious Caesar, grandsons of Augustus. Incredibly, there is an ancient plaque citing the dedication and the dates of onset and completion of construction. The theater is quite large, seating 6000 residents for performances of dramas, music and other arts. It was not a gladiatorial amphitheater. Several other structures had been erected over the Theater during the centuries, including markets, meeting halls, and even a cathedral. So the “dig” to uncover the Theater has produced historic artifacts of several different eras of Cartagena history.

In addition to seeing the Roman Theater, we saw the impressive Town Hall Building and were invited in to the vestibule and foyer. The Town Hall is a restored baroque architectural example and it is mainly used ceremonially these days.

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