Sail the Iberian Peninsula - 2019

The Alhambra One of the most famous is the Alhambra in Granada—medieval palace and fortress complex of the Moors. We initially saw the structures from below as we walked along the Darro River.

Hours later, we were privileged to have a nighttime private tour of this beautiful site which meant that we had the rooms to ourselves, a private guide, and no other tourists getting in the way of our photographers or the rest of us who merely wanted to study the fine decorations, the elegant construction and the incredible history located within its walls. The original fortress section of the Alhambra was built over the ruins of previous Roman fortifications in 889. Never completed, the structure was abandoned until it was renovated again and morphed into a palace in 1333. After the Reconquista and the expulsion of the Moors, it was again deserted and allowed to pretty much disappear. After the Napoleonic invasion of Spain was repelled, the ruins were discovered by a British man who worked with the Spanish government to excavate it and restore it to the former glory. And it is indeed magnificent. And now, it is one of the top tourist attractions in Spain. It is situated on the hills above the city at 2000+ feet in altitude. Wonderful views of the city and surrounding landscape are available from the Alhambra, if anyone can tear their eyes from the beauties of the palace/fortress construction. The underpinnings of the design are an effort to mirror the 7 levels of Islamic heaven here on earth. God is believed to sit in the 8 th level so it would have been blasphemous to try to imitate that tier. After seeing as much of the complex as

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