Sail the Iberian Peninsula - 2019

we could both in the late afternoon and evening, we would probably agree that this view of heaven is quite spectacular.

High points of our visit include The Comares Tower, The palace of Charles V (Holy Roman Emperor), The Hall of the Ambassadors, The Alcazaba, The Watch Tower and the many wonderful patios, gardens and reflecting pools all over the complex. No wonder the Moors were in love with water features since they came from such a dry place on earth (North Africa). The comparative lushness of Spain and its abundant water supply must have seemed miraculous to them.

The Comares Tower: This is the tallest of the several towers in this complex at 148 feet and it is composed of several floors used for different purposes. Charles V used the highest floor as his bedroom. Muslim dignitaries used some floors as receiving rooms, libraries, and prayer nooks. The two most important things we know about that took place here in the tower are 1) the Muslims formally surrendered to Ferdinand and Isabela there and 2) Queen Isabela accepted Columbus’ request for funds and permission to explore to the West in the name of Spain.

Comares Tower Behind Court of Myrtles

She not only agreed with his proposal but she also sold some of her fabulous jewelry to finance his expedition. Most historians would agree that hers was a savvy investment for herself, Spain, and the Old World (but not for the people of the New World for which it was disastrous)

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