Sail the Iberian Peninsula - 2019

The most outstanding aspect of this multicultural site is that the Roman Catholic cathedral is totally enclosed inside the Mosque. A schematic picture will demonstrate this almost unbelievable entity.

The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordova

Probably the most implausible feature of this building is that succeeding religious groups did not destroy the work of the previous ones but incorporated decorations, altars, architectural styles, religious iconography, and uses into the new purposing of the edifice. As we wandered through the enormous structure we could see the evidence of all these eras. Too often in history, we see that when one religion drives out a previous one, the first task is to destroy the evidence of the first one. Why this did not happen in Cordova is hard to grasp nor do the various specialists studying the Mosque-Cathedral have a coherent explanation. Not historians, theologians, or archeologists. But there the structure stands, through the ages, as an outstanding example of human tolerance and respect for history. Of course, it has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site (1984) and more recently (2014) has been classified as a Site of Outstanding Universal Value!

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