Sail the Iberian Peninsula - 2019


Okay, I give up. Spanish history is much too complicated and lengthy to be abbreviated in any meaningful way and this journal is not trying to be a history book. So, instead, I will just provide some salient dates that were important in our exploration of the storied cities of the country. 1. ROMAN RULE 3 rd Century BC to 4 th Century AD: The Romans ruled Spain for 700 years. Amazing ruins and other influences from this period. 2. VISIGOTH RULE: 5 th – 8 th Century AD: The Arian Christian Visigoths ruled after driving out the Romans as the Roman Empire collapsed. Though the Visigoths did not leave much in the way of architecture or art, we saw some interesting evidence of their presence. 3. ARAB MOOR’S RULE: 711 AD – 1492 AD: The Moors conquered Spain and stayed in power until Ferdinand and Isabella completed the Reconquista that turned Spain back into a Catholic country as Jews and Muslims were expelled from the country. Moorish influence was visible everywhere, in language, architecture, art and decoration, forts and palaces. 4. CATHOLIC RULE: Ferdinand and Isabella unite Spain into one country in 1469.

Though these are only a few of the many significant dates and periods in Spanish history, they are the most important ones governing our visit.

Now on to the cities we visited in the order shown on the introductory map.

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