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THINGS HAVE CHANGED SINCE GRACE CAME INTO THE WORLD On March 25, Grace Rose came into the world. She wasn’t crying — not until she had her first shot. When she arrived, everything changed. It didn’t take long for me to realize what an adventure parenthood was going to be.

to my house! I also received more than my fair share of congratulations from patients and co-workers when I was at the office. At least one of my wonderful Kinetic PT teammates has

Grace is a content baby who seemed perfectly okay with entering the world. She only cries when she needs food! Unfortunately, that’s about every two hours. People

stopped by every week since Grace was born. It means a lot to know that I have all the support I’ll need from friends and family as we move forward with this new adventure — even when it gets hard. It’s good to feel prepared — after all, Alex and I are planners. We were married two years ago and always planned to have children when the time was right. A year ago, we hatched our plan: Take a big trip to Europe, then start our family. We knew we wouldn’t be able to take a trip like that alone for a while. We had an incredible time in Europe, and now we’re having an incredible experience as new parents. I went back to work the first week of May. It’s always hard to be away from Grace, but it feels nice to be with my wonderful co-workers again. Mother’s Day came and went with a different ring to it, now that I’m a mother myself. I talk about the sleep thing a lot, but Alex and I are getting the hang of it. He’s also become a proficient diaper-changer. (We both have.) We’ve adapted to our new and exciting life and are grateful every day to have this beautiful, sweet baby in our lives. We just love her to pieces. – Amanda Kranz

warned me about how little sleep I was going to get, but I didn’t realize just how hard it is at first. They say the world looks a little different when you become a parent, but I think that might just be the lack of sleep. But that’s not because I haven’t had help. When I wrote about being pregnant in February, I mentioned how great my husband, Alex, has been. He was always so supportive, doing most of the housework, cooking, and even helping me put my shoes on when I got big. Now that Grace is here, he’s stepped that up even more. That’s pretty impressive considering he works full-time and doesn’t get much sleep anymore. My mother-in-law is also lending a hand. She’s over about every other day, sharing her experience with babies and cooking and cleaning. Friends have brought me meals and offered plenty of support. I can’t thank them enough!

Patients have been amazing as well. After the newsletter was sent out, I actually had cards sent | 1

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