You absolutely need to be following Dimity for all the craft inspo. She's so bloody talented. Once you start watching her insta stories, you'll be smashing out lots of amazing & magical crafts with your little loves this easter. EGG SHELL VASES & CANDLES: First you need to 'blow out' the egg shells. Using a needle poke a hole in both ends of the egg (make one hole slightly bigger). Cover the holes and gently shake up the egg insides. Then over a bowl, blow into one hole and the egg contents will come out the other end. Next you can dye the eggs. Place the egg in water with food dye to colour. Or you can experiment with natural dying. To natural dye you will need to bring some water to a boil and then add your nature ingredient to naturally dye the water. Experiment around with; onion skins, flower petals, purple cabbage, barley, turmeric, berries, beetroot, coffee. Simmer for 30mins and then add your egg shell to the dye (white egg shells work best). Play around with adding vinegar or salt to the dye. To create a vase simply fill with dried blooms! Or fill the shells with water and add fresh blooms! You can even add dirt to the shells and plant seeds! To create candles: stick a wick in the bottom of the shell and then fill with melted beeswax/soywax. Allow to dry and then trim the wick. You can buy candle supplies from spotlight/craft stores/ebay.

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