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would be detrimental to the industry in your state, explain what it is and how it could affect them. If there is a unifying public message, such as wanting to promote your indus- try to visitors, convey it, and emphasize its value. If there is a unifying theme, such as wanting to get together to “break bread” and share ideas, communicate it and welcome them to join.

various association costs like state reg- istration and insurance. All of our board members are volunteers, and they contribute greatly to the overall mission and administration of the NCAAA. As a group, we get together regularly to socialize, visit each other’s courses, and break bread (and sometimes drink adult beverages). While we network, we share war stories and success stories, and learn from one another. This costs very little and has had immeasurable value in our quest to do better and be better.

state government. Because you are an important link between the ACCT and the local state legislators that want to hear from constituents like you.


How do you form a state-level trade organization?

Start by researching the process in your state. For example: What paperwork do you need to file (bylaws, tax forms, registrations)? Then call other operators and stakeholders in your state. If we have learned anything in North Caroli- na, it is to start early, before there is an urgent matter to address. When reaching out to fellow operators, we have found that the best antidote to resistance is education and information. For example:


The means for funding and maintaining a state-level trade organization come with time and will be specific to your state, the other industry professionals that are recruited to join, and the scope of what the organization wishes to accomplish. For the NCAAA, we charge a small yearly membership fee. Those dues go toward retaining a lobbyist, funding our web- site and outreach efforts, and paying

If you have questions about why, how, or if you should form a state-level trade asso- ciation, please feel free to visit our website (www.NCAAA.net) or reach out directly to me (Korey@FrenchBroadAdventures.com) or one of our other board members. We would be honored to support or assist you in any way we can.

If there is a unifying issue to rally around, such as a pending bill that


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