API Summer 2021

NEW PRODUCTS A collection of the latest products for improving the guest experience and guest safety. _______________________________ BY SARAH BORODAEFF

Petzl Trac Club Trolley

F or ease-of-use in adventure park settings, the new Petzl TRAC CLUB trolley is designed to allow guests to hook the trolley onto a cable using one hand, without the need to operate a carabiner. Its ergonomic design makes it easy for guests to grip and manipulate a single clip in order to attach the trolley to the cable. The primary lanyard is directly and semi-permanently integrated into the trolley so the connection will never separate. The TRAC CLUB is equipped with replaceable protective impact surfaces on either end, and it features durable ball bearings for speed on course. It is compatible with Petzl’s CARITRAC trolley carrying system. www.petzl.com

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