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Email marketing is a powerful tool for connecting with customers and driving revenue.

By Gregg Blanchard, Senior VP of Marketing, Inntopia

allow you to customize text, imagery, and buttons based on the data you have stored about each recipient, and even emails that look the same on the surface are unique behind the scenes. Every recipient’s email is unique. Every link and image has a unique URL to give you a detailed, user-by-user view of email activity.

In the most recent Adventure Park Insider “State of the In- dustry Report,” about 70 percent of parks surveyed said they do some form of email marketing. An audit performed for this article of 30 adventure parks’ email marketing efforts both confirmed this number and showed there is a clear opportu- nity for these teams to do more with email marketing and get more value in the inbox (more on that later). But why should adventure parks give email more attention? What makes this marketing channel so unique at a time when there are so many other options to choose from? Email is one of the most reliable ways to get an effective message in front of both specific individuals and massive groups of people.

Right: Deal email campaigns, like this one from Adventures on the Gorge, are a common form of email marketing.


One of the most striking ironies in marketing is the belief that social media killed email. Facebook is a perfect example. Yes, Facebook has reinvented one way in which people communi- cate (for better or worse), but do you know how it built that empire? Do you know how it brought back users again and again to develop those habits that are so hard to break?

Below: Glenwood Caverns links its blog to its email account to push new content out automatically.


Trillions upon trillions of emails. Between notifications and updates and account details and password resets and more, companies like Facebook have sent more emails than just about any other organization on the planet.

And they do it for a reason. Email is effective, primarily thanks to four unique attributes.

1. An Owned Audience Your email list is yours. This ownership offers portability, which means, if you don’t like your current email marketing platform, you can take your email list and move to a new one. Try that with your Facebook page’s list of fans (hint: it’s not portable).

2. One-to-One Email is truly one-to-one. Modern email marketing systems

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