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3. Tracking and Attribution That level of personalization can help your emails be more effective—and it also helps you measure that effectiveness. Instead of just knowing that 12.4 percent of people clicked the “Book Now” link, you know exactly which 12.4 percent clicked it. Moreover, this transparency and detail make it much easier to measure which of those link-clickers ended up booking something once they arrived on your website or booking engine. 4. Preferences It’s not just marketers who love email, though. Regular people do, too. Given the choice between a variety of marketing channels through which to receive offers, consumers con- sistently—and overwhelmingly—prefer email. Case in point: in a recent survey by Yes Lifecycle Marketing, 47 percent of consumers chose email as their preference. Social media was preferred by just 10 percent of those surveyed. The Result: Unrivaled Performance Add all of these things together and the ROI of email is off the charts. A recent analysis from AgencyAnalytics put average email ROI at a whopping 3,800 percent. Social media came in second at just 28 percent. Why? Algorithms can restrict the visibility of social posts after a few hours. But, with no algo- rithm between you and your audience, emails wait patiently in inboxes and continue to be opened and clicked for weeks after they’re sent. While you’re sending an email today, you could still be seeing revenue come in from an email you sent two weeks ago.

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Email marketing is more affordable than ever, and modern tools and platforms have also made it extremely easy to use. Establish an email marketing channel in three simple steps. Step 1: Choose an Email Service Provider (ESP) An email service provider (ESP) is software that lets you col- lect and store email addresses and easily send messages to all the people whose addresses you’ve collected. MailChimp is an ESP many adventure parks use. Constant Contact, iCon- tact, and AWeber are a few others that are popular among adventure parks.

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When shopping for an ESP, take a moment to evaluate two key features:

Email builder. A simple, drag-and-drop email builder with a collection of templates to start from will save you more hours than you can imagine. The HTML code used to build emails is unique and finicky, so being able to create good emails with- out touching the code is important for most adventure parks looking to get started with email. Ability to import and update. Evaluate how easily you can import email addresses into the ESP and, more importantly, keep that list up-to-date as you capture new transactions in your point-of-sale system. One of the reasons MailChimp is so popular among adventure parks is because systems like

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