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Rezdy, Checkfront, Xola, and FareHarbor all have integrations with MailChimp that automatically sync new customers to their email marketing account. Step 2: Obtain Email Addresses Speaking of getting email addresses, where will all those con- tact details come from? There are two primary sources: • Transactions: people who book something at your adven- ture park and use their email address to do so. • Website: people who enter their email address on a form on your website in exchange for news, deals, or a chance to win something (sweepstakes). Buying email lists from third parties is not recommended. Legal implications aside, these lists perform very poorly and may contain emails known as spam traps. These are used by major inboxes to identify bad actors, i.e., spammers. If you send an email to a spam trap, you could get blacklisted by one or more inboxes like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. This can make it harder for your next message—even if it’s to properly-collect- ed emails—to reach the inbox instead of the spam folder. Step 3: Send Emails Once you have an ESP selected and email addresses loaded into the system, you’re ready to start sending emails.

It can be easy to overthink your email strategy when you watch what large consumer brands do with their campaigns, but email is something that is often most effective when it’s most simple. Let’s look at three email campaigns you can use to get started. Welcome Email First, create a welcome email for people who sign up on your website to receive emails. These people aren’t quite ready to book something, but are interested enough to exchange their email address for more information or deals. This is a perfect group to contact immediately to keep the conversation going. However, if the 30 adventure parks that were analyzed for this article are representative of the industry, there’s opportu- nity for improvement here. Of the 30 parks analyzed: • more than half (57 percent) had an email sign-up form on their website; • but, less than half (43 percent) of those with email sign- up forms send at least one email during the first week a subscriber is on their list. Make it enticing. To increase sign-ups, some adventure parks offer an exclusive discount to people who subscribe. Go Ape, for example, does a great job with this. Immediately after someone supplies an address, Go Ape sends an email with

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