API Summer 2021


In respect to frequency, try to find a cadence that you can sustain with both your own bandwidth and your pipeline of email-worthy news. Ideally, don’t go more than a month without sending something that keeps the conversation going between you and the people on your email lists. Choosing content. Some mar- keters like to send a long, de- tailed newsletter each month. If that’s your jam, go for it. But a simpler email focused on a single, exciting piece of news, right when it happens, can be just as effective and take much less time to create. If you maintain a blog on your website, that content is likely a good match for an email Go Ape’s welcoming email engages its new audience with discount codes, social links, and much more.

a discount code. Plus, it includes details that make recipients more likely to want to use that code, including:

• • • •

links to its social media profile;

links to its top activities and products;

customer testimonials; and recent Instagram photos.

You can set up this type of message in your ESP using the automations feature (sometimes called recurring messages, autoresponders, or programs). These are email campaigns you create once that are then sent to people automatically based on when their email address was added to the system (i.e., 1 hour ago, 3 days ago, etc.). News Next, look for things that give your audience extra reasons to visit. These bits of news also keep your business’s name on their mind for the next time they’re looking for a family activi- ty or weekend adventure. Some examples include:

• • • • • •

when you open for the season; new or updated attractions;

milestones as a business;

high-profile or celebrity visitors;

a forecast calling for perfect weather; and

upcoming events.

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