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campaign. In fact, Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Col- orado has its Wordpress blog linked to its Constant Contact account, so the moment an article full of news or helpful tips is published, an email that links back to that article is auto- matically sent to the park’s email list. Deals The third type of campaign is also one of the most common. While news-focused emails can absolutely draw folks to your website where they eventually book a ticket or package, emails with deals, promotions, or discounts will often gener- ate the most revenue. While you may want to occasionally create new discounts to help fill periods of low visitation, look for other ways to give your audience deals that don’t involve extra markdowns. For example, offer a free perk—lunch, a gift card, etc.—with a tick- et purchase. Perks keep ticket yield high because folks are still paying full price, and your customers don’t become trained to wait for bigger and bigger discounts. Another approach: simply highlight the deals you’re already running. West Virginia’s Adventures on the Gorge, for exam- ple, offers a 10 percent discount when folks book online, and promotes that perk in its emails to give recipients an extra reason to buy a ticket sooner than later.

It’s OK that some recipients unsubscribe. Keep in mind that virtually every email you send will result in at least a few peo- ple unsubscribing. Unless this rate spikes, don’t be afraid of this number. Typically, the more opens and clicks you get, the more unsubscribes you’ll get as well. And while it may hurt to see your database shrink a little bit, it’s better than sending messages over and over to all the people who don’t want to see your emails. Practice restraint. A single email can generate a lot of rev- enue, but that doesn’t mean you should send a lot more emails. That same survey by Yes Lifecycle Marketing, which noted more consumers prefer email marketing, also pointed out that nearly half of consumers ignore emails due to inbox overload. A spike in people opting out of your emails can be a signal that you’re sending more than your audience would like. Email marketing isn’t sexy, and it doesn’t get headlines. Yet, the vast majority of digital marketers will choose email over any other medium simply because it’s so effective at turn- ing one message into a lot of transactions. The strategy we outlined here is simple, but more than enough to get started. Give email marketing a little love and it will give your adven- ture park a lot of love in return.

Wire Rope and Hardware for the zipline/challenge course industry

Stronger, smoother, faster! Provides 30% greater break strengths than other wire ropes in the same diameter. S UPER S WAGED Zipwire ® Now! In-house swaging. Thimble eyes, marine eyes, threaded studs. Custom cut, marked, reeled to order.

401.434.3900 Toll Free 888.297.3900 Fax 401.434.4439

All kinds of wire ropes manufactured with experiential industry professionals in mind. Always consistent and mill certified. No substitutions!

Web: www.wwewirerope.com • E-mail: mike@wwewirerope.com A Division of WORLDWIDE ENTERPRISES, INC.

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