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Insurance claim trends help demonstrate the value of guest safety programs, from staff training to guest communications.

By Cameron Annas, CEO, Granite Insurance

Data do not lie.

In the past, the aerial adventure industry has often based its perception of safety on gut feeling. That leads to comments like, “We haven’t seen any big stories in the news this sum- mer—it’s good to see the industry becoming safer.” Is that assumption accurate, though? Perhaps the stories just aren’t making the front page. Risk management advice and safety programs, recommenda- tions, and education are best based on data, not assumption or instinct. An understanding of current incident data, as reflected in incident claims history, arms the industry to run safer, better informed operations. SAFETY IN THE AIR Data published by Granite Insurance and other associations and research groups show that zip lines and aerial parks are safer, measured by insurance claims per 100,000 participants, than many of the more common sports that people, and especially kids, participate in. Next time a retailer refuses to resell your tickets, or a school group refuses to let their students come for a teambuilding event due to safety concerns, feel free to share this statistic: a person is 1,000+ times more likely to get injured in a soccer game than at an aerial adventure park (see Insurance Claim Rates chart on opposite page). UNDERSTANDING CLAIMS PER 100,000 Claims per 100,000 participants is the best indicator we have for answering the question, “is the industry becoming safer?” The current prediction is that 2019 incidents that result in an insurance claim will eventually hit 4.28 per 100,000, even though the claims rate is currently 1.72; more claims will be filed closer to the statutory time limit. For the period from 2016 to 2019 (see Liability Claims Per 100,000 Participants chart, at right), we see that liability claims were relatively low

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