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T he Redwood Sky Walk at the Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka, Calif., is ADA accessible, with optional open access (belay free) bridges, enabling access for a wide range of guests. It is one of the latest expressions of universal design, a concept that could shape adventure park and challenge course design in the years ahead. Photo courtesy of the Sequoia Park Zoo Inset photos, left to right: Visitors on the VINS Canopy Walk, Vt. (Photo: Tom McNeil Photography); A participant utilizes a specialized harness at Irvine Ranch, Calif. (Photo: Melanie Wills, ESI); Kids explore the VINS Canopy Walk (Photo: David Meeker). ON THE COVER

Access for All Universal design makes sense for adventure parks and experiential programs alike. By Carla Hacker and Melanie Wills 42 Trends in insurance claims and costs. By Cameron Annas 34 Zipping into Risky Territory Zip line collisions are a common source of lawsuits; learn how to reduce or prevent them. By Charles R. (Reb) Gregg 44 Building with Accessibility in Mind Three current and/or planned projects, universal in design. By Katie Brinton 47 Finding the Forest 30 Incident Data and Safety Growing interest in the outdoors can benefit adventure parks and experiential programs. By Rohan Shahani Operators and suppliers are developing gear and processes for ease in harnessing. By Peter Oliver 54 Easy Donning

Reading the Trees How to assess what you see in your trees. By Katie Hogan, Katherine Taylor, and Scott Baker 50

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3 Our Universe is Expanding Universal design, global perspective, and a staff addition. 8 Park Briefs Reactions to Hubbell, Zip Away’s new season, ACCT’s in-person conference in Cleveland. A Staff Report The value of having a statewide organization, and how to establish one. By Korey Hampton 14 New Products Recent developments in gear and equipment. By Sarah Borodaeff 20 Take Advantage of Email Leading practices in digital marketing. By Gregg Blanchard 28 Park Spy “Can we park our camper van in your lot?” 10 Strength in Numbers

57 Adventurous by Nature

The Netherlands’ design and build firm Funcha! is exploring the boundaries of the aerial adventure world. By The Editors

60 Safe and Sound

Here’s what inspections look like in the UK. By Emma Bell and Steve Woods

62 Facilitate the Adventure

Provide the right guidance and support to guests, whether you offer fun or education. By Tom Leahy


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