Joe Miller Law - September/October 2020

Seeing Double Celebrity Couples Are Matching Masks and Staying Safe

Celebrity trends have a way of influencing the public, and the latest spotlight is on face masks. Some go big and bold with rhinestones and glitter while others opt for muted simplicity, but the newest trend to hit the tabloids is couples wearing matching face masks. The attention these masks are drawing is proving to be another great way to get citizens aboard the health and safety train. Starting all the way back in May, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been matching masks. They’ve been seen biking through their Miami neighborhood wearing neon-accented gray masks, and they often take to Instagram for a couples photoshoot in them. Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas have spent all of 2020 perfecting their synchronized couple stroll. They’re frequently spotted wearing masks to complement their respective outfits, but they have also been seen wearing matching versions featuring pastel prints. Chris Pine and his girlfriend Annabelle Wallis like to stroll through Los Angeles together sporting flashy bandanas tied around the lower half of their faces. They may not match patterns, but their cowboy-style face covering still screams “couple.” Justin and Hailey Bieber got a little goofy with an Instagram photoshoot to showcase twinning blue masks with cartoon mouths, proving that proper health and safety can be both entertaining and artistic.

This trend of celebrities finding ways to express themselves while staying safe and healthy isn’t just fun — it provides great examples for how others can do the same. Donning a mask doesn’t have to feel like a chore or a burden if it’s turned into an opportunity to get creative. As with these celebrities, standout matching sets of masks can garner attention, start conversations, and, most importantly of all, demonstrate that proper safety measures deserve extra dedication. Make mask shopping fun with your significant other or your family by finding masks that you’ll all enjoy wearing in public together. It’s a great opportunity to show your personality as a collective unit and say “yes” to staying healthy!

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