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Having a Little Faith Makes a World of Difference

took it and ran with it. She’s selfless because she understood the things that were most important in my life, and not only accepted them, but also went above and beyond to find a way to make them work for herself. Faith wove seamlessly into my kids’ lives as much as she did mine, and I am incredibly thankful to her for that. In conjunction with family to focus on, I have clients whose cases I get emotionally invested in, too. I’ve always had a tendency to focus on my clients more than other aspects of my life. I’m so passionate about trying to help people that it sometimes leads to personal sacrifice. But instead of letting this deter her, Faith has taken the time to help me balance my world a little better. She taught me that I can be most helpful to my clients by first creating a happy home and letting that infectious spirit impact the work I do. And she does it selflessly, with no prompting or expectation of anything in return. So, you can bet she was surprised when I got down on one knee and pulled out a ring. Faith came up with the beautiful idea of getting married at our local aquarium, which I didn’t even realize was a possibility and likely wouldn’t have even dreamed of without her creative attention to detail. I’m looking forward to that day immensely, but the reality is I’ve always felt like we were married because

Some of you might scratch your heads when I tell you that a few months ago, I proposed to Faith, whom I’ve written about previously as my wife. Our relationship has functioned much like a successful marriage for a long time now, so that word always comes out naturally. But the truth is that we haven’t yet made things “official,” and I finally realized there was no better time. When you’ve got something great in your life, if you don’t latch onto it, you risk losing it. And I was not about to take that risk. After four wonderful years together, I can no longer imagine my life without Faith, and I am so thankful for all the joy she brings to it every single day. I can think of no better topic for the month of February than the person I love and how she’s impacted my life. Faith is one of those rare people who is truly selfless. Part of the challenge of dating when you have children is you’re not just dating for yourself. In my case, I’m a 3-for-1 package deal. Communicating the importance of this has always been vital, and whenever I did, dates seemed to go awry, and I understand that. When you’re entering a new relationship with someone, you want their focus to be entirely on you. But in some cases, it’s just not possible, and that was true for me. Not only did Faith grasp this concept when we first met, but she

our lives fit together so easily from the very beginning. But there is something fitting about officially starting the rest of our lives together in an aquarium. To me, the surrounding sea life speaks to the comforting mysticism of the ocean: It’s a vast expanse to navigate, but if you’ve got the right person by your side, you can always find your way home.

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