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Sundays Around Texas — One Quirky Attraction at a Time Or, Staying Sane During the Shutdown JULY 2020 GIBSONLAWGROUP.COM

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Decatur’s 12-foot-tall metal dice —This is a big deal for the people of Decatur.

My wife, Michelle, and I love to travel. In fact, I’d say traveling and all of its attendant perks — like scuba diving, sightseeing, and eating out — are probably our favorite year-round activities! Because of the coronavirus pandemic though, our normal routine is off the table. That forced us to get creative with our weekends, and in April, we started a new tradition: Sunday road trips to the quirkiest roadside attractions we could find within a few hours’ drive from Dallas. It all started when Michelle found the website, which lists every random roadside attraction around. If you’re picturing the giant ball of twine that Chevy Chase’s character visited in“National Lampoon’s Vacation,” then you have the right idea. Because there was nothing else to do at the time, we thought, “Why not?”No one was more surprised than us when it turned out to be kind of fun! Here are just a few of the oddball attractions we’ve checked out so far.

colorful hearses embedded in the ground in the style of the Cadillac Ranch installation in Amarillo.

Royse City’s Futuro House —There are less than 100 of these funky, flying saucer-shaped “Futuro Houses” in the country. We found one on the side of the road

Our country’s second- largest Eiffel Tower — I was expecting something big, but this is actually a tiny thing behind the local civic center in Paris, Texas. They had to put a 10-gallon hat on it to make it taller than the tower in Tennessee!

in Royse City that was painted bright orange! We understand now why there are so few.

Benbrook’s giant cow sculpture —Yep, it’s a huge fiberglass cow. The graves of Bonnie and Clyde — Did you know Bonnie and Clyde are buried in two cemeteries 9.5 miles apart? I didn’t, and I’ve lived in Dallas for 30

The ladybug Volkswagens in Saint Jo —Yep, these Volkswagens are painted like giant ladybugs. We found them in a dodgy art park in the middle of nowhere along with a fan made from telephone poles and sunflowers made from engine parts.

Pilot Point’s controversial Eve mural —This mural shows Eve doing the pose from the“The Creation of Adam.” Michelle and I wanted

years! We visited both in one day along with a group of geocachers doing the same thing for different reasons. Clyde’s was in a rundown part of the city known as the Devil’s Back Porch, i.e., West Dallas. Bonnie’s is by Love Field. Afterward, we went home and watched “The Highwaymen.” Great movie!

to check it out partly because we’d just visited the Sistine Chapel and seen Michelangelo’s original (with Adamof course) and partly because the mural got a lot of press in 2005 because Eve was naked, um, like she was in Genesis. Amazingly, just 15 years ago, it took a lawsuit to protect this obvious exercise of free speech from local censorship.

We made a point to snap a selfie at every destination and post it on Facebook so that our friends could keep track of what we were up to. It started out as a bit of a joke, but the whole thing actually caught on with our friends. Now there are about 10 couples driving all over Texas on the weekends. If you want to steal this idea, then be my guest! Maybe we’ll see you out on the road.

The world’s largest cedar rocking chair — This thing is 25 feet tall! The life-sized statue of “Dallas” villain J.R. Ewing — If you’ve seen the show, then you know how random and cool this landmark is. There’s a Peter Pan statute in town, too (Larry’s mom).

Themysterious Lindale hearses —On our way to a different attraction on a rainy day, Michelle and I stumbled across these

–David Gibson


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