CustomerTRAX - October Edition


October 2017


A t CustomerTRAX, we’re always willing to build out features at a client’s request. Our mission has always been to build software that does what our clients need, and we can’t do that without meeting the needs we hear about on the ground. When one company benefits from a particular new form or functionality, it’s likely others will too. These custom build outs then become part of a configurable package and end up making Handle a better product overall. Recently, we’ve created a service agreement screen for Hutson that will be mutually beneficial for organizations and customers alike. Hutson offers clients a service they call Ag Data Works. This program comprises a full suite of agronomic data services. Everything from record keeping and fertility recommendations to data management and tissue sampling can be handled through these programs. Not only does this provide valuable information to customers; it allows businesses to recommend equipment based on the data they acquire. The downside for organizations is that these agreements are hard to create many times

These agreements are usually structured in one to three-year terms. As the end of an agreement approaches, automated notifications will let you know that it’s time to discuss a renewal. This automation promotes proactive contact, increasing customer satisfaction. If the customer’s data needs have changed over time, modifications can be made to the plan. You can also use this new tool to track opportunities. As you know, product inquiries present a chance for conversion that should be monitored and acted upon. Why should data services be any different? The way we see it, Handle is CRM that should always be improving. Keeping open communication with our clients is one of the best ways to achieve this goal. Working alongside Hutson to develop this new function will benefit not just their business. It will also enhance Handle as a whole. As more and more businesses offer agronomic data services, we’ll be there to make it easier for them and their customers. – Gordon Hilleque

due to the calculations required. It can be hard for a salesperson to figure out the cost for a particular customer, let alone relay it to them in a way that’s easily digestible. These agreements are based on complex equations with a lot of variables. A customer may want some services offered in Ag Data Works, but they don’t need others. No salesperson wants to be forced to punch a string of numbers into a calculator to only come up with a rough estimate. These agreements, which helped customers, were being turned down due to issues that had nothing to do with the agreements themselves. Hutson thought Handle might be able to provide a solution, so our team got to work on it. After a discussion with Hutson, we created the form based on the factors that go into an Ag Data Works agreement. Inside this issue, you’ll find an article on page three explaining the components of the form and how Hutson uses it to improve their service . Suffice it to say, though, it makes things much easier on salespeople. Once the form is created, it can be printed and presented to a customer in an easily understood format. But that’s not all this new feature can do. | 1

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