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DELIBERATE PRACTICE This concept was brought to light by Anders Ericsson. Deliberate practice defines how human excellence is developed. It applies to athletes and performers, but it also applies to business. Deliberate practice is a focused methodology of applying directed attention to your issue. Rather than just going through the motions or mindless repetitions, commit to applying yourself to your task. Focus on the quality of what you’re doing, not the quantity — this is key for stagnating companies. By committing to quality work and deliberate practice, your business can create a better product and have a more substantial impact. REVAMP YOUR BUSINESS MODEL In some instances, businesses need to adapt to what is in front of them. This is often referred to as a pivot. You can find new revenue streams by shifting your business strategies. The changes you make may not be in line with the original mission of your company, but they can push your company through its plateau. Many business owners look at a plateau and don’t see the stagnation as a threat. But there is nothing more defining for your business than this moment. While these three strategies can help, if you find your business plateauing, you should immediately define a personalized plan of attack that works for you and your team. Metal roofs are done in panels, which makes installation much quicker and more efficient. With some simple metal-roofing screws and basic prep work, you can have a metal roof up on an average-sized home in less than a couple days of work. We take it one step further at our shop. With our lightning-quick turnaround times, you can go from planning, to inception, to completion in 72 hours total. That means you can have a custom fabricated metal roof go from idea to completion in less time than it could take just to install a shingle roof. When you combine this with the fact that smaller teams are required to work on installing a metal roofing, contractors are able to save an exponential amount on labor. It’s a higher-quality product that lasts longer, is quicker to install, and provides incredible benefits across the board. It’s a win for contractors, and it’s definitely a win for homeowners, too. If you’re ready to ditch the shingles, contact us today. Let us provide you with the best roofing material Michigan has to offer.

While business owners love constant growth and the excitement of success, the defining moment for every business is how it gets through its plateau, when growth stagnates. A company only has two places to go from this point. It can rise to find new success, or it can crash and burn. Here are three strategies to keep growing after you’ve reached your plateau. INNOVATION Sheer will and work ethic can only take you so far. When you need to push through a plateau, one of the most

pivotal qualities is innovation. Finding creative solutions to your company’s issues will help keep your employees energized and open new opportunities. By developing new and exciting ideas, your company will find a

whole new frontier of possibilities. The key is understanding which ideas to pursue and which ideas to let go. Not every innovation is going to be great, but by committing yourself to the pursuit of creativity, you can find solutions to transform your business.

A CONTRACTOR’S DREAM Quick and Painless Instal lation

Metal is a contractor’s dream roofing material. It’s not uncommon to hear about the intense labor required to install shingles, and the large teams it takes to finish a home efficiently. It’s more work for laborers and more time for homeowners. Metal is the polar opposite — the slew of advantages you, the consumer, get from using metal is incredible. But there is one major unifying perk that both contractors and homeowners have when using this material: Metal roofs come with quick and painless installation. With shingles, it may take days to finish a project. Even if you have an extremely experienced team and a small roof, there are still multiple factors that can slow down the whole process. This is because there are a lot of moving parts involved. It also requires a lot of detail work, and this creates the potential for many problem areas. Contractors are constantly hauling hundreds of pounds of material up and down ladders and across rooftops. Additionally, materials can be damaged in transportation, or the weather may postpone the installation. These risks can leave both parties in a tough spot.

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