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April 2018



THE NEWEST INSPIRATION FOR MY BUSINESS A Tour of Akzo Nobel ’s State-of-the-Art Faci l ity

Technology, innovation, and severe scrutiny on testing is what makes their products so unique. When you get a metal trim or roofing piece from our shop, you know it’s of the highest quality because of the effort Akzo Nobel put into their products. Every single batch of their coatings goes through testing before it hits the market. New technology comes under even greater scrutiny as it goes through multiple rounds of thorough testing before it ever sees the market. Their service, warranty, and quality make it a no-brainer for us to use their product. The biggest takeaway I got from the weekend wasn’t just the affirmation of the products we use, but the inspiration I received for my business. Our shop already has great standards for performance, but if their business can be run as cleanly and effortlessly as it looked, then so can ours. We can mimic their processes and run Central Michigan Roofing in a clean and professional manner. Their management really got through to me, and I can’t wait to implement some of the new strategies I learned to continue bringing you the greatest quality and service in all of Michigan.

After busing us over from the hotel and giving us a safety presentation, our tour was off and running with their head of quality control. It was the first time I had ever done a tour at their facility, and I couldn’t have been more impressed! Everything was so incredibly clean . It was clear they really took special pains to keep the place spotless at all times. I really was fascinated by their processes. Every detail is given ample time to make sure each step is done right. Their equipment was almost like the presentation of a monument. This included their expansion and some brand-new multimillion-dollar pieces of equipment. Their marketing director, Victoria, was able to sit down with me and discuss just what makes the specific coating we use so unique. Using Ceram-A-Star 1050 for all of our smooth metal roofing panels, it provides you, the client, with an incredible number of advantages. It’s the most durable and high- performing coil coating on the market. Not only is it the highest quality, but it distinguishes itself from the pack by being the longest performing product available. Where many other coatings will eventually be replaced with new technology, the system we use has stood the test of time.

The constant pursuit of making my business better recently took me to a weekend expo in the Columbus area. I went because I wanted to better understand the industry and how I could provide greater service to my clients. A big aspect of this was learning more about the coatings we use on our metal roofing panels. Akzo Nobel’s 1050 paint system is a premier paint coating, and I wanted to find out what makes this top-of- the-line. Akzo Nobel is one of the premier paint suppliers in the entire world. They serve more than 80 countries and have been around for over 130 years. During my trip to Ohio, I was able to stop by their production facility to see just how they maintain this standing in the paint community.

– Emanuel Herschberger

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