December Sold 2021

Welcome to Hollis Morgan LIVE ONLINE Auctions…STREAMED LIVE on our website


Welcome to our final sale of 2021!

F o ll o win g o n fr o m ou r h ug ely s ucc essf u l series o f m o nthly Live & Interactive Online Auctions o ver the last 18 m o nths, we

se c ret b u t is n o w a thin g o f the past! a s ever we have l o ts fr o m a c r o ss the re g i o n with the u s u al co lle c ti o n o f h ou ses f o r

ea g erly anti c ipate t o ni g ht’s sale br o ad c ast live fr o m auc ti o n HQ in Brist o l. We have embra c ed the swit c h t o live o nline a uc ti o ns and it has g iven u s a fresh c han c e t o reappraise and

m o dernisati o n, bl oc ks o f flats, co mmer c ial investments, pl o ts o f land and m o st thin g s in between in c l u din g a st u nnin g f o rmer c are h o me in s oug ht after S ou thville! We have already released ou r

NOW with £400m of AUCTION SALES since 2010!

16 th FEBRUARY 2022 16 th MARCH 2022 13 th APRIL 2022 18 th MAY 2022 22 nd JUNE 2022 27 th JULY 2022 14 th SEPTEMBER 2022 19 th OCTOBER 2022 23 rd NOVEMBER 2022 14 th DECEMBER 2022

u pdate all ou r systems and pr oc esses all o win g u s t o be co nfident we c an pr o vide the best servi c e f o r ou r c lients. t he m o ve o nline als o all o ws the widest ran g e o f b u yers t o bid o n t o ni g ht l o ts – the n u mber o f times pe o ple were u nable t o bid as they cou ld n o t find a parkin g spa c e o r go t st uc k in traffi c was a well kept ind u stry

Febr u ary 2022 c atal ogu e and will be addin g new l o ts daily – if y ou want t o sell by a uc ti o n please co nta c t u s a S a P! Good luck and if you have any feedback for us on how we can improve our service to both buyers and sellers please let me know –



SOME OF THE REASONS TO INSTRUCT HOLLIS MORGAN … #DID YOU KNOW… In 2020 Hollis Morgan SOLD MORE LOTS by auction in Bristol, North Somerset and Gloucester than any other auctioneer!

#DID YOU KNOW… In 2020 Hollis Morgan SOLD MORE £££’s of BS postcode lots than all the other local auctioneers combined! #DID YOU KNOW… Since 2010 we have OFFERED MORE LOTS IN OUR CATALOGUE (2324) than any other local firm.

OUR CHARITY OF THE YEAR FOR 2021 IS … 1625 Independent People


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