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April 2018


BECOMING A LIFELONG STUDENT Why the Jones Smiles Team Is Passionate About Continuing Education

The dental field is a constantly shifting landscape of new techniques and information where old strategies become outdated and obsolete at a regular pace. Our entire team has made it a priority to be dedicated to staying abreast of the latest dental trends, science, and technology. For myself, Dr. Copeland, and the rest of the team, it’s not just about staying relevant; it’s about the responsibility we have to provide our patients with the best possible treatment in the industry. We’re all lifelong learners who jump at any opportunity to engage with something new. Our team continually seeks to improve our processes and achieve even better outcomes for our patients. Our inquisitive minds are always anxious to see the latest and greatest technology that’s coming down the line. Even though it’s been more years than I care to admit since I finished school, I can’t imagine not being a lifelong student.

To that end, last month, our entire team had the pleasure of attending one of the largest dental conferences in the country: the annual Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting in Atlanta. It’s a gathering of some of the greatest minds in the dental field. Plus, it’s an exciting exchange of data and ideas to find ways in which the dental community can better serve our patients and improve the dental health of people all over the country. We spent a day chatting with peers, exploring technology demos, and attending some incredibly valuable lectures and courses, which detailed cutting-edge science and technology. By the time the conference ended, we were equipped with fresh perspectives and emerging trends to further improve our dental treatment now and in the future. From digital dentistry to 3-D printing and even stem cell research, it’s truly exciting to see what’s possible in modern medicine. Though the conference consisted of extensive lectures and technical learning, we all had a great time at the event and managed to have some fun outside of the conference with our work family. We had a chance to relax together, share a great meal, and even make the trek all the way to the top of the Westin Peachtree Plaza via 73 flights of stairs. We’re also excited for you to get to experience some of the latest advancements coming down the line in our own office. From 3-D printing and digital impressions to the use of Botox in a dental setting, I truly think we are able to help patients in ways like never before.

–Dr. Jones

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