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Shout Out to Our Amazing Local Shelters

The first time I adopted a pet, I was in high school. My parents had adopted my childhood dog, Lady, before I was born. She was an Australian shepherd mutt who lived to be 17 years old. Lady passed away when I was 16, and I was devastated to lose her. She was the only pet I’d ever had, and I quickly learned how empty life is without a dog.

can get a bad rap, which is sometimes deserved, but not here. Our local shelter works really hard to help the animals in their care, and they do a great job. There are also great programs to encourage people to adopt senior pets. That’s how we got our dog, Maui, and Ozzie, the clinic cat. People can take comfort knowing that if they adopt through the shelter, humane society, or a private animal rescue group, their pet will generally be very healthy.

Unbeknownst to my parents, sometime after Lady died, I called the animal shelter near our home in Wyoming and asked them to give me a call if they got any springers in. This was back in a time before cellphones, so I gave the shelter our landline. When they called back a couple of weeks later, my parents had no idea what they were talking about until I came into the room. Fortunately, my parents were on board with getting another dog at that point.

Most of our clients have adopted pets, which is awesome. There’s nothing wrong with going to a good, responsible breeder with healthy dogs, but it’s great to see people who can give lonely pets a second chance. We even have clients who intentionally adopt older animals with serious health problems and help them get better so they can enjoy their golden years in comfort. I’m honored to work with people who have such huge hearts. The thing about adopting a pet is this: Once you’ve adopted one, it seems obvious that you’ll adopt your next pet from the shelter.

October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, and I want to shout out the amazing organizations we have in the valley.

We went down to the shelter and adopted Switzy, a 10-month-old springer. It wasn’t long before they figured out why she’d been in the shelter. Within the first

20 minutes after getting her home, Switzy jumped the fence and was running around the neighborhood. We had to do a little training work with her, but eventually, she quit the escape artist routine and ended up being a great dog. Switzy stayed with my parents when I went to college, and she lived to be around 15 years old. October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, and I want to shout out the amazing organizations we have in the valley. We are really blessed to have such a great humane society and county shelter. In general, shelters

Since adopting Switzy, I’ve adopted many pets from local shelters, including dogs, cats, rats, birds, and a couple of guinea pigs. They’ve all been loyal, loving animals that brought a lot of joy into my life. If you’ve been thinking about bringing another pet into your life, I highly recommend visiting one of our great local shelters.



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