Blue Diamond Almond Facts September-October 2022


Blue Diamond ’s Sacramento Campus Welcomes Amazon Vendor Flex

An innovative new program rolled out at the Sacramento campus in the middle of September. Because Amazon is one of the fastest growing priority customers for Blue Diamond , we are partnering with the online retail giant on a unique Supply Chain initiative called the Amazon Vendor Flex Program. Through this program, Amazon embeds itself into our warehouse to create efficiencies and a more flexible supply chain. In September, Amazon and Blue Diamond supply chain teams collaborated to, essentially, stand up a mini Amazon store room within Blue Diamond ’s warehouse at 16th and C Streets on the Sacramento campus. The dedicated warehouse space, staffed by Amazon employees, will allow Amazon to conveniently package and ship Blue Diamond products directly to Amazon customers from the facility. As a result, both Amazon and Blue Diamond will realize significant efficiencies in our outsourced third-party

logistics network, along with cost savings from reduced transportation costs and better inventory control. We continue to look for ways to improve our competitive advantage and these savings will ultimately be passed on to our growers through greater returns. What’s more, the reduced greenhouse gas emissions achieved by eliminating transit trips supports Blue Diamond ’s commitment to sustainability.



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