Blue Diamond Almond Facts September-October 2022


End of Session, New Beginnings, and a Lot of Interpretation

In the last week alone, there were over 1,000 bills dispensed in the California State Senate and Assembly. Yes, 1,000. Even high-ranking state officials expressed their frustration with the amount of legislative business left to the last minute. But this is, as it would seem, par for the course for the legislature. In combination with policy proposals, several budget details needed to be ironed out to conclude the legislative session. However, on August 12, Governor Newsom announced his end-of-session priority climate/energy package proposals. At this, many outstanding legislative and budget issues were halted. In the end, the Governor did not accomplish all his climate/energy proposals, but most were passed by the Legislature and sent to his desk for approval.

The end is always just the beginning. The legislation that was approved by both houses, now heads to the Governor’s desk for his signature of veto. For much of the legislation that becomes law, it is up to the executive agencies for interpretation and implementation. This is where the idea becomes reality, and where the rubber meets the road for all of us on the ground who such laws, regulations, programs, and projects effect.

This is just as important as our legislative advocacy work.

Almonds’ position, credibility, legitimacy, and relevance are key to the work we do and how we help navigate the legislative process. The Governor now has until September 30 at midnight to sign or veto legislation. Here are summaries of various bills that were priorities for us — things defeated, things passed, things we’re working on with decision makers to determine whether they should be signed or vetoed.



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