Blue Diamond Almond Facts September-October 2022


2021 Final Crop Return

Each crop year brings its own challenges and opportunities, and little with the 2021 crop year was predictable or ordinary! As many of you experienced, it began with an unexpected freeze during a critical point of the bloom. What’s more, throughout the season, ongoing supply chain issues, complications with shipping, and soaring inflation that drove increased production costs plagued all segments of the industry. It was certainly a challenging year for all of California agriculture. Yet, together, our 112-year-old Blue Diamond Growers cooperative rose to the challenge as only we can, and delivered a superior 2021 crop return to members, as reflected in the table ( below) .

Mark Jansen President & CEO

Overall Average

Average of High Quality

Maximum Possible


Nonpareil & Sonora Inshell




Nonpareil /Supareil Meats




Sonora Meats




Independence Inshell




Independence Meats




Carmel & Winters




Monterey /Neplus




California /Price /Fritz /Wood Colony




Butte & Padre








Note: The above rates do not include Volume Premiums, Sustainability Incentives, Domestic Production Activities Deduction (DPAD) or IC-DISC advantages.



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