LHA London - Director of Estates

In 2018, the Mayor of London announced that there was a housing crisis in the city and brought forward their London Housing Strategy, seeking to make the capital ‘A City for all Londoners’. The strategy prioritised: 1. Building homes for Londoners; 2. Delivering genuinely affordable homes; 3. High quality homes and inclusive neighbourhoods; 4. A fairer deal for private renters and leaseholders; and 5. Tackling homelessness and helping rough sleepers. With the implementation of the strategy still in its early stages, it is unclear whether the government is doing enough to tackle the housing crisis. While indicators for affordable housing have shown progress, homelessness rates and overcrowding have increased since 2017. Following Brexit, a new immigration system put an end to free movement for EU citizens, which together with the COVID-19 pandemic, has significantly reduced migration from the EU. The pandemic has disproportionately impacted sectors in which EU migrants are strongly represented, such as hospitality and transport. EU migrants will play an important part in the economic recovery of these sectors, and provision of affordable and flexible accommodation will be key to drawing professionals to the capital. A 2021 survey of young people found that housing, employment, and mental health are the most important issues for young Londoners, with Covid-19 and lockdown having a exacerbating these issues. Providing affordable accommodation for young people in London has never been more relevant. The hostels that LHA provide ensure that young people from across the UK and beyond, continue to have access to affordable accommodation in central London, enabling them to pursue their passions and careers.


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