Finding The Source & Relief To Those Nagging Aches & Pains

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“ Isn’t It Time You Brought In The New Year Without Neck Pain & Headaches?” Finding The Source & Relief To Those Nagging Aches & Pains

It’s the end of the day and your head is pounding and your neck is aching. Was it the work you were doing? Was it the stress or the way you were sitting? Your neck is an intricate structure with hundreds of muscles and nerves. The joints in your neck provide movement while the discs in between the bones, give support and shock absorption. In today’s world of sitting for long periods at work, computers and watching TV your neck muscles, joints and nerves can become strained and irritated. The fact is that even the simplest movements can cause short periods of neck pain. Yet some of us may actually be experiencing chronic neck pain. Simple, repetitivemovements can lead to prolongedmuscle tightness, which can take time to show symptoms. In comparison, muscle strains happen with quick jolts such as an injury or lifting something too heavy. HOW NECK PAIN CAN GO TO YOUR HEAD Headaches can stem from tightness in the neck muscles at the back of the neck, which is brought about by a forward-head posture and rounded back. This is very common if you work at a computer or sit a lot. In this position the spine is strained. Try to stand up tall with your back against a wall. How far away from the wall is the back of your head? If you have a forward head posture, your head will be quite far from the wall.

The forward head position puts a strain on the neck muscles resulting in general muscle tension in the head. This can affect blood flow to the scalp, resulting in a headache. Pain can be referred from the neck to behind the eyes or forehead and even one sided headaches around the temples. Pounding headaches at the back of the head can be related to neck muscle tightness and limited movement. Since many headaches stem from problems with neck movement and posture, it is wise that you see a physical therapist; a muscle and skeletal expert to help you. Find out how you can relieve your aching neck and nagging headache for goodwith our SPINE Program. Call us today for more information!

Did you know? Drinking two glasses of Gatorade (in many cases) can relieve headache pain almost immediately-without the unpleasant side effects caused by traditional pain relievers. Drinking water can also help relief headaches. If hydrating doesn’t help you headache it may be a more serious problem, in which case you should contact ReQuest Physical Therapy Today for a Free Neck Pain Analysis.

Here’s What You Need To Do When Your Favorite Treatment Plan Doesn’t Work Anymore Relieve Neck Pain By Simply Stretching

Neck pain and headaches typically come from poor posture and tight muscles in the neck, shoulders and upper back. This produces what is called a forward head posture. By stretching the tight muscles along the back of your neck, as well as strengthening the muscles at the front of the neck, neck pain can be relieved. Correcting bad posture can be as simple as strengthening the abdominal region. However, keep in mind that when dealing with a forward-head posture, you will also have forward-rounded shoulders and increased curvature of the upper spine. Our physical therapists are experts in posture evaluation and treatment, helping you even if you have quite severe changes. It’s never too late! Tight muscles are a big factor in most neck pain and headaches. Stretching the muscles of your chest and strengthening the muscles of the middle back helps. For long term benefits, learning the right exercises can make a big difference in preventing neck pain and headaches from returning. Therefore, before you start taking any headache medicine for chronic neck pain, you might want to analyze your body posture first. Finding tension in your neck or limited range of motion in your spine might be the cause. Correcting it through physical therapy might be a simple solution for your headaches and neck pains. Call us today to learn more about our SPINE Program to relieve your headache and neck pain!

Do you want a natural solution to your pain? Gain your freedom from pain medication and avoid costly surgery with physical therapy!

FREE NECK PAIN ANALYSIS We can help you feel better naturally with a

We can help you: Naturally relieve aches and pain. Increase your strength. Be more active with your friends and family.

• Cost Effective • Non-invasive • Safe & Natural • State-of-the-art facilities Features of Physical Therapy:

Have more energy. Feel better at work.

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• PATIENT RESULTS • Hear what our patients have to say!

The best therapy team I have ever had! “ “When I came to ReQuest my MS was rapidly progressing and I was to get a prescription for an electric wheel chair. I had great difficulty with all aspects of daily living: frequent falls, increasing weakness…I had very low expectations that anyone could help me. My family escorted me to the treatment table, expending nearly all my energy reserves for the day. Jerry Rieta introduced himself to my family and then looked me in the eyes and asked me I wanted to get better. That was the day I got my life back. It’s been along hard road but the knowledge, therapeutic skill, treatment and encouragement has been second to none. I wish I had a video of my lack of strength, balance etc. I was unable to walk on my own without falling – now I can. I was unable to stand without assistance – now I can. I couldn’t go up or down steps – now I can. My balance was so poor but now I walk with my 3 year old great grandson. I have relapsed remitting MS and I suffered a silent stroke, but the encouragement Jerry gave me kept me from slipping into the usual depression that comes with relapses. I feel God puts people in our lives as part of his master plan. Thank you seems so inadequate. I have been a registered nurse for over 40 years and this has been the best therapy team I have ever had the pleasure to work with.” -Nancy B.

We gladly accept most insurances, providing a great LOW COST SOLUTION to restore your pain-free movement!

• THE TRUTH ABOUT BODY WEIGHT AND KNEE PAIN • Discussing Stress On Joints & Weight Loss

the knee joints must withstand each day. It is no wonder that persons who are in the top 20% for body weight have up to 10 times the risk of knee osteoarthritis compared to those in the lowest 20%. So, if being overweight increases the development and progression of osteoarthritis of the knee…could weight loss potentially reverse these effects? Indeed researchers have shown that those that lose the most weight have the least about of cartilage degeneration. Researchers have demonstrated that a 10% reduction in body weight in overweight elderly men decreased risk of OA by 21.5% and 33% in women. Other studies have shown that a similar weight loss in those overweight with knee osteoarthritis decreased pain by 30% and improved function by 24%. Fortunately patients have an option to be referred to ReQuest Physical Therapy where they can strengthen their knee and participate in Physicians’ Choice for Weight Loss, a lifestyle/weight loss program. I have had many weight loss success stories with this program and patients report a reduction in knee pain and improved ability to walk. If you have degeneration of your weight bearing joints and are struggling with being overweight ask your physician to refer you to ReQuest for physical therapy and weight loss.

I have worked with hundreds of patients who have been referred to physical therapy with osteoarthritis of the knees and they are also overweight or obese. Weight loss has been shown to be a key ingredient for the reduction of knee pain and improved function. We may occasionally think how our body weight could affect our knee joint pain, however may not realize just how traumatic the effects of just

adding 10 pounds to our frame can be. Understandably added body weight places an extra load on the joints which increases stress on joint surfaces and may accelerate the breakdown of the cartilage. However did you know that for every extra pound of body weight there is approximately 4 extra pounds of force placed on the knee joint while walking. So 10 pounds of added body weight increases joint forces in the knee to 40 pounds with each step! Nowmultiply that by 5,000 steps that you may take each day…Wow! That’s 20,000 pounds of accumulative forces that

- Jeff Gilliam PT, PhD, OCS

Health Tips Look Forward To A New You This New Year!

Now is the time for resolutions

1. Be purposeful in everything you do. Strive for purpose in your daily activities. Do you just eat lunch or do you enrich relationships while you eat? What purpose do those two sitcoms serve you every night? What is the purpose of eating that bag of chips? More importantly, what types of consequences await you now that you’ve indulged? Be purposeful in everything you do. Walk with purpose and people are more likely to respect your time. 2. Resolve not to be mediocre, even in how you eat. Use the freshness of the new year as an excuse for avoiding mediocrity. This can be a challenging task because industry markets products and services to the lowest common denominator. Junk food is marketed to the lowest common denominator. Fast food, for example, is produced cheaply and sold cheaply. Sitcom television is geared toward the masses. The people who produce sitcoms even provide a laugh track so that you’ll know when most people laugh. Give yourself an upgrade. Resolve to distance yourself from average. What will be your resolutions in 2017?

3. Schedule exercise and stretching. Exercise is more effective when it is regular and systematic. It can be difficult to schedule exercise unless time is pre-committed. If you need help with exercise or if you have pain that is holding you back. Contact us at ReQuest Physical Therapy and we can help you meet this resolution.

In 2017 I will...

Exercise Essentials Try these exercises to keep you moving...

About Us When you need physical therapy, you have the right to choose where you go. If you are tired of being a number and ready for a physical therapy team that’s proud to offer special services not found in any other practice in the Gainesville area, ReQuest Physical Therapy is your choice. We offer a variety of additional premier services to make your time at ReQuest as pleasant as possible, including discounts for cash/ self-pay patients, flexible payment schedules, and same-day appointments. We also accept patients without a physician’s referral, so you can begin treatment quickly and without the hassle of extra paperwork.

SCALENE STRETCH Place your hands overlapping on your breast bone. Next, tilt your head upwards and away from the affected side until a gentle stretch is felt along the front and side of your neck.

Helps with neck pain

CERVICAL SIDE BEND Tilt your head towards the side, then return back to looking straight ahead. (Be sure to keep your eyes and nose pointed straight ahead the entire time.)

Helps loosen tight muscles

Santiago Villamil PT, MPT, CSCS Director of Physical Therapy

Exercises copyright of

Always consult your physical therapist or physician before starting exercises you are unsure of doing.

Why You Need To Come In For Another Check-Up:

� Sit for long periods comfortably � Walk for long distances � Live an active & healthy lifestyle

� Move without pain � Bend and move freely � Balance confidently & securely

Take Care Of Your Aches & Pains Before It’s Too Late!

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Santiago Villamil PT, MPT, CSCS Director of Physical Therapy

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