Recreation Guide - Winter 2021/2022

Standard First Aid with CPR-C and AED

Description This 16-hour Standard First Aid course provides comprehensive training covering all aspects of first aid andCPR. This course is for thosewhowant an in-depthunderstanding of medical emergencies and how to treat them. Lifesaving Society Standard First Aid is recognized by the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board and the Ontario Health Regulations. Standard First Aid is one of the prerequisites to National Lifeguard.

Register in-person or by phone during business hours. Call 519.688.9011 Register online any time of the day!

Age: Fee:

13+ years

$104.05 + $15.00 manual (plus HST) + $20.55 exam fee




Course Code

Sat/Sun 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Jan 29 & Jan 30

2174 cancelled


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