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Every House Needs a Skelly Join My Challenge to Win $100!

Last year, our neighbor, Chelsea, knocked on our door with an unusual gift: A life-sized Halloween skeleton! It was her way of inviting us to join her family’s unusual Halloween tradition. I’m still touched by her generosity. Hisham and I hauled our new skeleton inside and named him Skelly. If you’ve ever done “Elf on a Shelf” around Christmas, then you have a pretty good idea of what Skelly became to our family. Every day he appeared in a different spot around the house doing something funny. One morning, the kids found him sitting on the toilet in a Sriracha hot sauce T-shirt, surrounded by toilet paper. Another day they jumped out of bed to see him with his butt in the air in a downward dog yoga pose. Then there was the time they got off the bus to discover Skelly waiting for them on a camp chair instead of me. We even dressed him in my clothes! Thanks to Chelsea, Skelly was a HUGE hit in our house last October, and we’re using him again this year. Hisham and I have a great time brainstorming what to do with him (we even share photos of his silliness in our family group chat),

and the kids are excited to get ready for school in the morning because they can see what Skelly was up to. The game also stretches out the fun of Halloween for an entire month — and it’s much easier than “Elf on a Shelf.” You don’t have to worry about giving the skeleton a backstory and keeping the details straight. Our kids know I’m the one who moves Skelly around, and they still have just as much fun. If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your kids that will make you laugh and bring you closer, I definitely recommend getting your own Skelly! In fact, I’ll put my money where my mouth is. If you buy a Skelly, snap a photo of him in position, and text that photo to me at (470) 769-9518 by Oct. 31. I’ll enter your name into a drawing to win a $100 Visa gift card. My team and I will draw a winner on Nov. 1, and you’ll be able to take your kids (or yourself) out for a holiday treat. I hope you give this tradition a try. It has done wonders for our family, and I’m sure we’ll keep Skelly in action for years to come!

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–Sara Khaki




CHILD CUSTODY BOOT CAMP (COMPLIMENTARY WEBINAR) When: Thursday, Oct. 20, at 6:30 p.m. Register: Speaking of fears, one of the biggest ones we hear from many parents is that they’ll lose custody of their children during the divorce process. This fear is often unfounded, but that doesn’t make it any less real! The best way to fight this fear is with information. That’s why we put together our Child Custody Boot Camp to bring you all of the facts, including the different types of custody, how courts decide custody, the pros and cons of different custody schedules, and how to set yourself up for success in a custody battle. We’ll even go over ways to protect your children from parental conflict. RSVP now at the link on this page if you think this information could help you, or share the link with a friend who might need it.

Our complimentary divorce support groups and seminars are available online! Register for these upcoming events to gain knowledge, resources, and emotional support that will help you feel empowered while you go through major life changes. HAPPILY EVER AFTER DIVORCE SUPPORT GROUP MEETING (VIRTUAL SUPPORT GROUP) When: Saturday, Oct. 15, at 10 a.m. Register: If you’re struggling with all of the “What will happen next?” questions that come with divorce, this support group will help ease your fear of the unknown. At the monthly virtual meetings, you’ll meet other people who are going through the same scary process and learn to navigate the emotional maze together. Licensed marriage and family therapist Kathleen Shack moderates the group and leads different discussions each month. If you’re worried about the future of your family or struggling to communicate with your kids after the divorce, Kathleen can help you work through those challenges. Visit the link on this page to sign up for this month’s support group meeting.

Here at ADLG, we’re not letting COVID-19 slow us down. Sign up for these virtual events to get the information and support you need without leaving home.


PLAN A ROUTE AND CURFEW. Some older kids still love the nostalgia of trick-or-treating, or maybe they plan to pull some Halloween pranks with their friends. Whatever the reason may be, they may want to enjoy the evening without a parent. One of the best ways to make sure they’re staying safe is to plan a route and a curfew. Choose which routes you feel comfortable with them going on, either somewhere nearby or somewhere in the neighborhood. And choosing a curfew time is essential so you know when to expect their return. This way if something happens and you cannot reach them or they aren’t back in time, you have a general idea of where they can be on the route. PACK THE ESSENTIALS. Always make sure your child has their phone on them in case of an emergency, no matter if it’s to call you or an emergency line. You could even share locations so you’re able to track where they are or use another location tracking app like Life360 or FamiSafe that’s available on your devices. If they plan to stay out for a while, have your child take water bottles, flashlights, and even a small first-aid kit with them. They actually come in handy when exploring the Halloween night and the unexpected happens.

Halloween is all about letting the ghoul times roll, but monsters and ghosts aren’t the only things parents need to worry about this holiday. Most older kids don’t want an adult chaperoning — they want to venture off with their friends to enjoy the night all on their own.

Here are a few safety tips so that you and your older kids can enjoy the spooky evening with no worries.

Older kids deserve a bit of freedom as long as they can do it responsibly. Consider these tips to make sure the night is trick-free and full of the best treats.


3 PLACES TO TRAVEL THIS SEASON Fall in Love With the Scenery!

3. SEDONA, ARIZONA It may be too hot to visit Arizona during the summer, but the fall months are perfect because the temperatures drop somewhat. If you love to see trees bursting with colorful leaves, hike the Baldwin Trail and Cookstove Trail. Sycamore, oak, and maple trees will shade you with their

Fall is the perfect time to plan a scenic vacation. You can find lower prices and fewer crowds at many popular destinations right now. Best of all, the views are incredible. From the changing colors of leaves to sunsets and mountains — a picture-perfect getaway awaits you! Here are three popular destinations to fall in love with this season. 1. ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Everyone can find something to enjoy in the mountains of the Carolinas. You can drive the Blue Ridge Parkway or hike the Appalachian Trail for breathtaking views of mountains and sunsets. For history fans, get lost at the Biltmore Estate and learn more about the Vanderbilts. If you’re a fan of the nightlife, Asheville is known as Beer City USA, with more than 30 breweries and over 100 local brews. 2. YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, WYOMING The wildlife in Yellowstone is active in the fall, so you’ll get a chance to see bison, elk, and eagles during your stay. You may even observe bears preparing for hibernation. If you love to be outdoors during the cooler months, then you will love biking, fishing, and hiking here during the fall. However, be aware that some roads will close for the winter in mid-October, so review park information ahead of time for accessibility.

colorful canopies. Also, each year, the city holds a Day of the Dead celebration you can attend at the Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village in late October.

These are only three of the many breathtaking destinations you can visit this season. For more locations, go to vacations/best-fall-vacations. So, what are you waiting for? Book your trip now, and don’t forget to pack a camera to capture the picture-perfect views!

Concierge Partner’s Corner

What Our Clients Are Saying!

Insurance is incredibly confusing, especially if your spouse has always taken the reins on it! How much life insurance coverage do you need? Are you eligible for Medicare, and if you are, is it really the best choice for you? What about other kinds of health insurance — what are your options? These questions are enough to make even the most financially savvy person want to tear their hair out, so don’t try to answer them alone. When it’s time for you to step up and make insurance decisions for yourself and your family, work with an agent you can trust — like insurance broker Lindsay McCormick of Affordable Medicare Solutions. Lindsay and her team can consult with you on your health insurance options, teach you about the “new wave” of life insurance, and answer any question you might have about Medicare. They specialize in helping Georgia residents understand the entire Medicare process, starting with the strategizing phase and continuing through enrolling and maintaining your plan. They can also help you make decisions on retirement, short-term medical policies, and travel insurance. Lindsay McCormick of Affordable Medicare Solutions

“Everyone I encountered at ADLG was amazing, but my main superheroes were Allen and Lindsay. Allen is a true model of professionalism. My case was complex and full of surprises, but Allen was immediately ready with solutions and options at each step of the process. He promptly responded to my questions or concerns, while also being respectful of my time with regards to billing. “His paralegal Lindsay is so kind, patient, detailed, organized, and easy to work with. Their dedication to my case (working a holiday weekend before my trial date!) was easy to see. I truly cannot thank Allen and Lindsay enough for the positive results [and] the resolution of my case! THANK YOU!” –Abby T .

Ready to learn more and have your questions answered? Call Lindsay at 770-945-5261 or visit

3 678-203-9893


Halloween is just around the corner. You’ll soon have trick-or-treaters approaching your door requesting a healthy share of candy. Before then, you may want to go out and feel the thrills of the season yourself, but maybe you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy the cramped spaces of haunted houses. You don’t have to step indoors to experience a spooky attraction, though. There are plenty of outdoor Halloween attractions to check out, and here are three of the most thrilling.

outfitted with paintball guns and proceed along a course full of zombies and creatures. Before long, your friends and family will get into the competitive spirit to see who can hit the most targets. HAUNTED CORN MAZE Haunted houses are great if you’re trying to experience some jump scares. But if you want to get the haunted house experience in an outdoor setting, you should check out a haunted corn maze. You’ll hear screams coming from all around to help amp up the fear. It’s also a great way to get some exercise! HAUNTED HAYRIDE So, what if you want the best of both worlds? You may want to feel scared without walking through a maze or using a paintball gun. That’s where haunted hayrides come in. On a haunted hayride, you’ll hop aboard a platform that’s being towed by a tractor or truck as they take you through a dark forest and possibly some barns. Performers will be woven throughout to provide scares at the perfect moments. It’s a great way to get the classic Halloween experience without having to walk through a house or maze.


We’ve all watched a scary movie and thought we could do better than some of the characters in these extreme situations. Now is your chance to prove it. There are zombie paintball courses throughout the country, and they can be a great time for everyone involved. You’ll step aboard a bus or trailer


Almost every client we help through the process of divorce comes to us afraid — and not in the fun, Halloween sense of the word. They’re terrified that if they separate from their spouse, any number of terrible things could happen.

There’s no guarantee the marriage you’re leaving is worse than the future ahead of you. You don’t have a crystal ball and neither do we! But if a fear of the unknown is making you hesitate, think about this: No matter what you do, your situation WILL change — that’s just how life works. And if your marriage is dysfunctional, that will probably change for the worse. Holding onto the “known” gives you a false sense of security. It’s not actually better than the unknown — it’s just more familiar. So, how do you summon the courage to plunge forward into that better future? It starts by building your self-confidence. You need to remind yourself that when times are tough, you will always have someone to rely on: yourself! To get started, pick up a book like “The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem” by Nathaniel Branden or “What to Say When You Talk to Your Self” by Shad Helmstetter. You can also turn to Pg. 2 to read all about our Happily Ever After Divorce Support Group, which may provide the guidance you’re looking for.

• • • •

They’ll lose custody of their children.

They’ll be alone forever.

Their kids won’t respect or love them anymore.

They’ll end up financially destitute and/or homeless.

All of these fears are valid, although in our experience, they’re very unlikely to come true. Over years of talking our clients through their worries, we’ve realized they ultimately come down to the same thing: a crippling fear of the unknown. There’s no way to know exactly how a divorce will change your relationship with your children. It’s also impossible to say how long you’ll be single before starting another relationship, and even with a prenup, you probably can’t calculate your future finances down to the dollar.


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