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THANKSGIVING 2.0 The Recipe for the Perfect Thanksgiving

There are few things more traditional than Thanksgiving. All across America, families gather to celebrate with turkey, pie, and football. Personally, that’s my recipe for a perfect Thanksgiving. Of course, I’m not totally against shaking up the holiday. In fact, I’ve heard of some pretty unique ways some people celebrate Thanksgiving. The image of a “perfect” Thanksgiving always involves long tables packed with every uncle, cousin, and stepsister. The trouble is that even the most functional families have drama when you stuff everyone in the same room while a handful of family members slave over the stove. What’s wrong with spending the day with your immediate family instead? I’ve heard about couples enjoying a romantic dinner with each other or cooking up a cozy meal with their spouse and kids. Hey, some restaurants are open on Turkey Day, so there’s always the option to let someone else do the cooking. In the end, you may be even more grateful for those you hold dear. Don’t get me wrong, I actually like my in- laws, but this does sound pretty nice. ‘Just Us’ Thanksgiving

Friendsgiving. The name might be calling back to an episode of “Friends,” a Bailey’s Irish Cream marketing campaign, or even a Twitter hashtag. Whatever the origin, it’s a pretty solid idea, especially if you live far away from the rest of your family. “Who else always ends up having the ‘Whose house should we eat at?’ debate?” There’s a lot of pressure to get together with the family in November and again in December, but plenty of people can only afford to make one big trip over the holidays. If you fall in that category, organizing a Friendsgiving is a much better alternative than spending Thanksgiving alone. Some people even do both, scheduling a Friendsgiving the weekend before or after their family Thanksgiving. Who else always ends up having the “Whose house should we eat at?” debate? Some years, I’d rather skip houses and jet off to a hotel room instead. I think a lot of families aren’t taking full advantage of Thanksgiving. Almost everyone has a few days off work at the same time. Why not bring the family Destination Thanksgiving

together on neutral territory for a much- needed vacation? If you’re bringing the full crew, rent an Airbnb for everyone and have fun experimenting with Thanksgiving recipes that fit your new surroundings. Alternately, turning Thanksgiving into a family trip with your spouse and kids is a great way to completely avoid political discussions and family tension. If anyone calls to ask where you are, just explain that you planned your trip months ago, then take another sip of your piña colada and show your kids how to make a turkey- shaped sandcastle. What it really comes down to is that there’s no wrong way to celebrate Thanksgiving; if you’re spending time with the people you love, you’re doing it right. -David Brauns


This is framed like another millennial trend, but gathering with friends rather than family has been a Thanksgiving option for decades. That said, in the last few years, the rising popularity has given it a name:


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