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T here are a lot of holidays in the month of May, but one is especially fun for movie lovers like me. May 4 is "Star Wars" Day. Its catchphrase “May the Fourth be with you” is a play on the movie franchise’s famous tagline. And as someone who has loved "Star Wars" since I first saw it in theaters at the age of 14, I couldn’t let this newsletter edition pass without sharing a few of my favorite movie memories. I can still remember seeing “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope” when it first came out in theaters. There was nothing like it at the time! When "Star Wars" first premiered, its effects were beyond anything we had ever seen. While today’s movies could blow these special effects out of the atmosphere, there was something special about being transported to “a galaxy far, far away” the way "Star Wars" did in the late ‘70s. The special effects got better as each new movie was released, but I will never forget the ending of “Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back,” when Han Solo was frozen in carbonite. There are few lines in movie history as unexpected as Han’s response to Leia when he’s about to be frozen and she calls out, “I love you.” His reply: “I know.”

between good and evil. It’s a struggle we can all relate to, and inspiring to note the characters who emerge as heroes often begin as ordinary (or even somewhat despicable) people. Rocky was a small-time boxer given the chance of a lifetime. Steve Rogers was a scrawny guy from the East Coast before transforming into Captain America and helping the U.S. win World War II (and other battles since). Han Solo was just a smuggler and captain, but he became a hero. This is timeless character growth that we can all appreciate. As much as I have enjoyed "Star Wars" over the years, I will admit that I haven’t seen all of the most recent movies in the franchise. While it’s great to see "Star Wars" emerge again, there will always be something special to me about the first set of movies. The films are stories I can remember getting lost in when I was just a teenager seeing a movie about a space saga. I never imagined they would become the phenomenon that they are. My son and I have even bonded over them. It’s pretty cool to share something with my son that I enjoyed when I was 14. I may not be as obsessed as other people are when it comes to "Star Wars," but I can appreciate the genius behind the films. And if anything, the films remain classics to this day.

Thankfully, Leia rescues Han in the next movie, “Return of the Jedi,” but for fans like myself, the waiting period between the two movies was agonizing.

Happy May the Fourth (Be With You)!

I think "Star Wars" movies have remained so popular for a lot of the same reasons that similar “good versus evil” films also persist. Movies like the “Rocky” franchise and the Marvel Universe stories focus on complexity of character and the gray area in which these characters must distinguish

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