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Within the span of a deep-sea fishing trip, there’s a lot of adventure. Your line is resting in the water when suddenly you feel a tug, and you realize there’s a big something on the other end. In our southern coastal waters, you’re probably going to find a tuna waiting for you at the end of the line. But it’s not exactly like an episode of “Deadliest Catch.” In reality, deep-sea fishing involves a whole lot of waiting. I’ve been going deep-sea fishing with my sons since they were young. There’s nothing quite like going out onto the water and spending two days on a boat, immersed in the ocean air, putting in line after line to make a catch. While you’re waiting, there’s plenty of conversation that happens on the boat. These trips have become a way to reconnect with my sons and take part in deeper conversations with them — all while we’re waiting for the next catch. When someone comes in to talk about estate planning, the skills I’ve honed on my fishing trips actually come into play. No, not my skills as a fisherman — my listening skills. When you come in to talk to me about planning for yourself or a loved one, you are trusting me to hear what you say. And I do. In fact, what I’ve heard while listening to you has led me to the area of law I practice today. In conversations with my clients, I’ve been asked many questions about law. After careful listening, I realized most people were concerned about what would happen to

their loved ones after they passed and how they would be taken care of.

Realizing that this was a common thread in people's legal concerns shifted my whole practice. It’s the reason I began to focus on special needs and estate planning. At the time, it was a deliberate decision to concentrate on what people needed. It’s also the reason I decided to write a book on the topic. After many years spent working to give you the answers and finding no other in-depth place to find them, my book is coming out. It goes back over 20 years of experience answering questions from you about estate planning and special needs. If you’ve ever wondered “Why do I need a trust?” or “How do I pick proper trustees and guardians for my children?” my book will have answers for you. It covers complex topics about choosing an estate planning attorney and whether involving your CPA or financial advisor in estate planning makes sense for you. My book digs into the tough questions that you might not know or be afraid to ask, and it gives you straight answers. You’ll also find answers to questions relating to special needs. In fact, there’s an entire chapter dedicated to families with children who have learning challenges or physical limitations. Our resource guide for special needs families, which is available to download for free at ca.familieswithspecialneeds.com, is also a good accompaniment to this chapter.

Along with my book, we’re welcoming a new face to Swerdloff Law. On page 3, we have more to share about Nikki Jaro, our new client services director. Recently, my youngest son asked when we’re going fishing. To show him I’m listening, I’m planning a trip for us this month. It’s a great time of year to catch some tuna. If you are interested in learning more about estate planning (particularly when special needs are involved) look for more information in upcoming newsletters about my book. I’ll be making this resource available to answer your questions about estate planning — maybe ones you don't even know you have yet. And if you want to have a conversation in the meantime, well, on and off the boat, I’m here to listen.

–Arthur J. Swerdloff


www.lawwithasmile.com • 310-577-9104

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