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PPEC’s Rachel Kagan Interviews Former Director John Mullinder The Paper and Paperboard Packaging Environmental Council (PPEC) sat down with its former and long-standing



Executive Director, John Mullinder, who helped formed PPEC in 1990, and retired in February 2021. John recently published his new book, Little Green Lies and Other BS , which focuses on environmental claims and advertising; it is a follow up to his first book, Deforestation in

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Rachel Kagan

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Canada and Other Fake News , published in 2018. Little Green Lies is well researched and organized, covering about 40 different subjects in alphabetical order from “Ancient” Forests to “Zero” Waste. PPEC’s Executive Director Rachel Kagan chatted with John about his new book, and excerpts from our conver- sation follow, edited for length. Kagan : Hi John! Can you please give our readers a brief description of your new book and why you wrote it? Mullinder : One of my reviewers described it as “an en- tertaining and informative dictionary of environmental buzzwords (and claims) that are widely used (or made) but often poorly understood.” The book examines those buzz- words, what they mean and whether the current use of these terms is accurate, misleading, confusing, deceptive or just plain wrong, and includes 38 pages of sources for the information (that’s the dictionary part). I wrote it because there is so much misinformation, and sometimes deliberate greenwash, about these buzzwords and claims, and I want to set the record straight. Kagan : What can readers hope to learn from this book? Mullinder : Not to accept all environmental claims as apple pie. To question the use of particu- lar buzzwords. To understand and analyse the context in which claims are made, whether they are made by businesses, governments, or envi- ronmental groups. And to avoid mak- ing those same claims themselves. The book doubles as an educational tool for staff, customers, journalists, policy advisers. Or as one of my reviewers wrote: “This is a great refer- ence book that will help you sort the facts from the fiction. If you’re a writer, editor, public relations professional, legis- lator, educator, work for an NGO, or are simply a consumer who wants to know the truth, this book should be on your shelf or Kindle list.” Kagan : How does this book differ from your first book, De- forestation in Canada and Other Fake News ? John Mullinder


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