MIYC April 2020

Marco Island Yacht Club Anchor Lines

April 2020

Volume 20:4

MIYC Extended Cruise to Hawks Cay

While many MIYC Members were cruising in the Bahamas, Bill and Sandy Wallen and their wonderful boat "Flamingo," cruised over to Duck Key for the week of March 9, finishing up the week up at Faro Blanco. Along for the ride to the (not so quiet) mid-Keys were the Holts, Winterhalters, and Henry Stanley, all of whom bunked in at Hawks Cay Resort, still alive and jumping with vacationers and Spring Breakers before the big close-down occurred. Hawks Cay was loaded with activities by the hour, but the highlight was the people swimming with the dolphins, which were not only making children laugh and giggle, but were doing their fancy stunts all on their own. After a pleasant overnight stop and dinner at Faro Blanco, another charming mid-Key, we cruised home with following seas and breezes, ready to get back to Marco and begin our "Social Distancing."

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MIYC Spring Cruise to the Exumas

By Peggy Frazier If you like crystal clear water, beautiful deserted beaches and friendly people, then the Exuma Cays of the Bahamas Islands are for you. The entire Cruise was among the islands with no overnight travel required. Some stops were marinas and some anchoring. We visited islands in this chain with small hotels, restaurants, bars and local grocery stores. Others were uninhabited except for

some tropical birds on the beaches and multicolored fish in the clear water. Though Hurricanes have ravished some parts of the Bahamas, the Exumas were not affected and the Bahamas needed the tourism revenue as they deal with the Abacos destruction. The 28 MIYC Members who set sail from Palm Cay were challenged by some difficulties with the Moorings but with Geoff Walker's steady direction four boats departed on Saturday, March 14 for Norman Cay. With stops at Staniel Cay and Highbourne Cay we experienced the calm seas and fair winds and returned on the 18th of March to Palm Cay with all boats and crew on board! The Marrs, Comeauxs, Everitts, Kraemers, Kendalls, Fraziers, Doeringers, Margoliss, Niblacks, Pointers, Dorisons, and Muthers want to express our heartfelt thanks to Geoff & Cinda Walker for facilitating an amazing adventure! Stay tuned for a future Boater's night with Captains Marr (Navigation Director), Comeaux, Frazier & Niblack & their crews sharing the frustration, fun and frivolity ♥

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Crew of Thumper 2

Crew of Guanahani Dream

Crew of Nerdvana

Crew of Mon Cherie

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Marco Island Yacht Club

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Chairman’s Report

Well…life has certainly changed in the last month! The coronavirus pandemic has affected us all. And I am sure that by the time you read this, there will be even more impact. In our collective memories, it is hard to relate this to any previous experience. I have written a number of Chairman’s Emails to the membership to communicate the impact on the Club and steps we have taken or expect to take. I trust you have been able to see and read these messages. Some of you have responded to those notes with comments of encouragement and support, which I certainly appreciate. Probably the most frequent question I receive is: “What will the impact of the coronavirus crisis be on the Club and what will be the impact on me as a member?” As you know, we had to shut down the Club in response to Governor DeSantis’ Executive Order relating to food and drink establishments. We have been fortunate that our results for fiscal 2020 through the 20 th of March have been strong. This put us in a good position when the Executive Order was issued. Although we do not know how long the Executive Order will be in place, we have assumed an updated budget forecast that includes being closed through the end of May. This 60-day shutdown, along with pruning a number of discretionary expenses for the remainder of the year suggests we will still have a positive operational profit for 2020. More importantly, our monthly cash flow forecast also indicates favorable results. The cash flow forecast does assume we will bill 2021 dues in July. The July billing date represents our normal dues billing cycle. We are fortunate that many members choose to pay their dues in the July – September time frame. We have assumed a normal dues payment cycle for our 2020 cash flow projection. We do not, at this time, believe a special assessment will be necessary, based on available information. Certainly, if most members pay their

2020 dues as soon as billed, we would have an add i t i ona l l e v e l o f c o m f o r t f o r t h e remainder of the fiscal year. Information related to the coronavirus threats to our society, our economy and our friends and neighbors continues to evolve. In the meantime, we are continuing to closely

Dave Everitt Chairman

monitor expenditures, refine our forecasts and plan for eventual resumption of our Club activities. We are hopeful we will be able to re-open prior to the end of May but are also prepared to extend our shutdown period, if necessary. We will continue to keep you updated as we get more information and incorporate that information into our operations planning. We have put the project to repair our seawall and pursue the Riverside Marina on a 90 to 120-day hold. It does not seem prudent to continue with our previous schedule during the current environment. We will update the project assumptions when we get a better picture of the overall economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic in the next few months. I wish all of you continued good health. Please continue to heed recommendations to minimize interaction with others and practice ‘social distancing’ if you have to be around others. I look forward to seeing you all at the Club again soon! Dave Everitt Chairman, Board of Directors Marco Island Yacht Club

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Marco Island Yacht Club

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Food Pantry 1450 Winterberry Drive Marco Island, Florida 34145

Please deliver your donations directly toOur Daily Bread. Address at left.

Urgent Food Needs (Must be purchased due to lack of donation):

Rice Corn Oil Dried Pinto and Black Beans Canned chicken Salt Flour Ketchup Paper goods Toilet Paper Paper Towels - Napkins Flour Tortilla mix

Baby Diapers (all sizes) Pasta, Pasta Sauce Canned Tuna Sugar Corn Flour (Masa/Maseca) Mayonaise Ready to eat canned meals: Beef Stew Spaghetti & Meatballs

Ongoing Pantry Wish List: Cereals Pancake mix Syrup Oatmeal

Baby Diapers, wipes, food Snacks Juice/fruit boxes Tea/coffee Baking Goods Condiments Toilet paper/paper towels Instant potatoes

Cereals Pancake Mix Syrup Oatmeal Peanut butter Jelly Canned tuna/chicken Rice Dry beans Pasta/sauce Canned vegetables/fruit

Hygiene items (toothpaste, shampoo, Feminine Products, soap, deodorant)

Donations may be dropped off 24 hours in our deck boxes outside beside the Auburndale Street pantry entrance. We also have donation boxes in our partner churches & organizations. Thank you for sharing with your neighbors in need! 1450 Winterberry Drive, Marco Island, FL 34145 239.259.5188 info@ourdailybreadfoodpantry.com

Marco Island Yacht Club

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Yoga Yoga in the Courtyard during March provided some calming relief from the stresses developing on the world and national scene. The Yogis were careful to keep at least six feet apart. Our own Jill Kiley stepped in when Debbie had to stop and care for her Father. Yoga is a wonderful way to relax, stay in shape and forget about problems elsewhere. The courtyard is the perfect venue for Yoga. Lying under the palm trees with cooling breezes could not be more relaxing. Hopefully, we can continue someday soon.

Check Out Our Enhanced Website! We’ve been making improvements to our website—check it out! It now has more information and it’s easier to use! Drop down menus are one new feature that makes it easier to find the information you’re looking for. In “Member Central” (the password-protected side of the website for Members only) you can more quickly access the roster, pay your statement, check the calendar of events, see our Fleet List, join a committee and more! Log in and take a spin!

Also, take a look at the new information we’ve put on the “public” side of the website. Under “About Us,” we have added a Club History, a map with directions, and photos of our Bridge Officers. Under the “Boating” tab, we have added information about our various types of cruises, the sailing program, information for visiting cruisers (under “Port Captain”) and safety and training information. And there will be even more to come!

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Another Burgee Exchange! Scott and Mary Coles visited the Club on the same evening the Twilight Golfers were enjoying dinner. The Coles are members of the Royal Marsh Harbor Yacht Club in Abaco, Bahamas. Rear Commodore, Tom Wentworth was there with the golf group. So there was a burgee exchange!

Marco Island Yacht Club Sailing Center Sailing School Auction Update With the Club being closed indefinitely, we obviously have cancelled our Fund Raiser for our Sailing school. We hope that once the Club has reopened, we will be able to reschedule a Friday night for the event immediately! I ask that those of you who have verbally pledged monies towards new boats, sails and other equipment, please don’t forget about us!! We have so many great Silent Auctions items as well…..original art, antique ship clock, gift certificates for golfing, restaurants, excursions and other services. Thank you all for all the encouragement with our Sailing Programs and please stay safe and healthy! See you on the other side!

Dwyn von Bereghy Fleet Sailing Captain

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Peg & Pete Frazier Share National Allegiance with their Neighbors

We hope you are enjoying being safe in your home and taking time to take a brisk walk with purpose while you get your Vitamin D. Be sure to relish those gratitude moments during your outside time and look forward with optimism to the time when we can once again share good food and a few laughs together. We have been playing taps and the National Anthem followed by Amazing Grace and God

Bless America on our speaker on the lanai at sunset. People come out on their lanais and wave a flag if they have one and follow it with a prayer that is consistent with their beliefs. It is something we can do to connect during these challenging times and even though we do not have our Colors ritual we can join in spirit as we watch sunset wherever we are. Hugs & ♥

Marco Island Yacht Club

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Sheltering in Place - A Boater's Tale

Gentle Members,

settle the boat into the dock, to shower and change for our much-anticipated dinner with the Rich’s at Punta Gorda’s p r emi e r r es t au r an t , The Perfect Caper. After an epic meal, four mariners and one fuzzy deckhand repaired to our f lybridge for after dinner drinks, laughter and complete happiness stretching far into the cool and starry night.

It began like any normal trip on the boat. The premier event in the FCYC year, the Change of Watch was nigh, and we were determined to bring home to Marco Island Yacht Club the FCYC prizes for most attendees by boat, and maybe even most attendees overall. Jim and Jan Rich, aboard Ocean Hammock, set off from Marco Island right after morning coffee. Your humble scribe, with Admiral Kelley and fuzzy crew Bud aboard Uncorked untied from Naples around 1pm. It was Thursday, March 12, 2020, and the world back then, all that time ago, was still a pretty normal place.

Tom Wentworth Rear Commodore

The next day the Richs and we went shopping and sightseeing at Fisherman’s Village in Punta Gorda, a strangely not-very-crowded Fisherman’s Village. We came back to find two more FCYC boats, one couple

Sea conditions were glorious, less than 6 inches of “sea”, a gentle breeze wafting up from Havana and Key West. No cloud intruded upon the sapphire blue of a serene, untroubled Florida sky. We talked over the cell phone with Jim about important topics, like whether he had his Navy Blue blazer and Club tie to wear for Saturday night’s gala Change of Watch Ball. The first inkling of trouble came around 4pm, one hour out of our destination in Punta Gorda. Jim phoned to say that, on approach to the dock, the Dockmaster at Isles Yacht Club had just informed him that the FCYC events had been cancelled, but that boats under way could still come in, if they wished. The plan was quickly revised: If there would be no FCYC, we would hold our own little gathering with the Richs. The first ad hoc meeting of MIYC Abroad in Punta Gorda was about to be convened. We glided into the Isles Yacht Club just behind Ocean Hammock. There was just enough time to

from the Field Club in Sarasota, another from Marathon Yacht Club, who had come all this way to accept the 2019 FCYC Yachtsman of the Year Award, having visited all 36 clubs aboard their boat in that one year. The news on TV that evening was turning grim, and, amazingly, there were no longer any Ubers available to take us to dinner. Google suggested something called Happy Taxi, which turned out to be an aging, box-like vehicle which had once been bright orange in color, driven by a very chipper lady about our age, who assured us that the tapas wine bar Jan Rich had proposed was indeed an excellent choice.

Marco Island Yacht Club

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Sheltering in Place - ABoater's Tale We opened the doors to a nicely decorated, welcoming little restaurant with a music trio in one corner and only about ¼ of the tables with customers, each and every one of whom looked at us rather apprehensively, at least until it could be established that we were neither coughing nor sneezing. Dinner was excellent, the music great, and Miss Happy Taxi brought us back to a still and moonlit dock. Saturday dawned for us with news from the Dockmaster that Isles Yacht Club was closing down its main dining room, which would have been the site of the FCYC gala dinner and dance. I kidded Jim Rich about no longer being able to show off his impeccably tailored

cream parlor with a drive thru that had turned pizzeria, but I bit my tongue and waited to see what would happen. Inside, we could see that the fast food joint had undergone a transformation. Paintings with Italian scenes dominated the hand-plastered wal l s, interspersed with Italian musical instruments like mandolas, mandolins, a lute or two and even a regular guitar. Festive-looking tables with crisp linen covers dotted the room, around 1/3 filled with diners. The only thing missing was the usual canned music from overhead speakers. Instead, we heard the pleasant clink of crystal and flatware, over a low hum of contented conversation. After ordering from an extensive menu filled with delectable-sounding Italian fare, and after the delicious appetizers were delivered, a slight sudden draft made us look toward the kitchen. A handsome thirty-something couple swept into the room through the kitchen doors. The petite young woman was vivacious, with sparkling Genoese or maybe Venetian eyes. The good-looking young man had a completely shaved head, with classic, chiseled Northern Italian features, and he was holding a beautifully decorated mandola, which he began to play. Out of his mouth came a sweet operatic tenor voice. As he moved in our direction, the young lady danced away. “..Stu core canta sempe nu taluorno...” he sang, right by our table. At the other end of the room, she replied, hands clapping, “…Sposamme, oje ne! Sposamme, oje ne!..”, then from both, “ ‘ncoppa, jamme ja, funiculi, funicula!” As each delectable course arrived, a new song would break out. Jan had truly found the perfect restaurant, and it was fabulous! The next day we waved goodbye to Jim and Jan Rich, who needed to be back on Marco for Monday morning. We stayed at Isles, having planned to look at investment properties, but there were few open houses. In the two or three that we visited, lonely-looking real estate agents stood well back as we walked through. No shaking of hands, no signing in with the communal pen. The age of social distancing was rapidly arriving. Our original plan was to continue up the coast as far as Clearwater Yacht Club, then take our time coming back, yacht club hopping, through the end of March. But we began to get messages from all the yacht clubs we had reserved that they were closing, so we resolved to go back home. (Continued on next page)

Twilight Golf

blue blazer and Club tie, borrowed as it was through the generosity of Commodore Ray Rosenberg. We asked Jan Rich (who had done so well finding the previous night’s dining spot) to find us a great place for the evening. After a few hours of diligent research, Jan announced that she had found the perfect restaurant, but that it was located in Port Charlotte, across the river. Kelley and I had prearranged to rent a car, which was duly delivered that afternoon, so there would be no problem driving into Port Charlotte. As the dinner hour approached, we four hopped into the car and headed off across the bridge over the Peace River, watching twenty or more vessels tied to mooring balls, every bow pointing toward the setting sun. We eventually found a long, narrow building with a bricked- up former drive-thru window. The sign proclaimed it to be “Rossini Trattoria Gastronomica”, but a trash can out back had “Sprinkles Ice Cream” stenciled on it. I groaned inwardly at the idea of dining at a former ice

Marco Island Yacht Club

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Sheltering in Place - ABoater's Tale On Wednesday, March 18, we untied from Isles Yacht Club, headed for Naples. As we got out into the main channel in the wide Peace River and we got up on plane, the temperature suddenly shot up on the starboard engine. I shut it down and, with the Admiral at the con, looked below, where I found about 8” of water in the bilge. A hose on the starboard fuel cooler had burst, so we limped back to Isles on one engine. We made repairs over the next two days, which brought us to the weekend. By this time, the Club and restaurants had closed and all dining had moved to the boat. As we sat on the flybridge

Monday morning, bright and early, we headed out with Paradox II in the lead. Accustomed as we are to travel at around 20 knots, we found it relaxing and comforting to glide along at 8 knots with Dave and Shelly. The nearly flat Gulf was like being at the dock, no problem moving about the boat, very little engine noise, lovely vistas at every point of the compass. It was a lingering dream of a voyage, ending around 6pm at the Naples City Dock, where our Paradox II joined us for the night. Another potluck dinner, including Shelly’s delectable salmon, crowned the evening and the trip with an unforgettable evening of contentment with good friends. The next morning we watched our comrades set off for Marco Island and home. We were safe at home aboard our boat, but it seemed a bit quiet to be there all by ourselves. We’re at that same dock now, enjoying the fresh breezes coming up the Bay of Naples, the absence of curious tourists walking by (since the City Dock was closed to the public the other day), and our cocktail hour in the cockpit every evening, watching the light gently change from orange to deep purple, and waiting for the evening star to pop out like a golden bead in a velvet sky. We miss the Club, we miss our friends, and we miss all the good times, the joy and laughter. But, a new day comes tomorrow, and there was a brilliant red sunset tonight. It makes me think of the old seagoing rhyme, “red sky at night, sailor’s delight….”. That red sky gives me hope, the promise that tomorrow, some bright tomorrow, will bring us back to where we were, and more. We’ll value all our many friends all the more for having briefly lost the pleasure of being with them, and whenever we touch a friend’s hand, whenever we safely can touch a friend’s hand, it will mean so much more to us, in the Club and in our homes, when they’re filled again with friends, filled with laughter, filled with love. Tom Wentworth Rear Commodore

on Friday, musing about the coming weekend, Dave Randall and Shelly Derrough called to report that they had arrived back from the Bahamas via their own airplane. As we told them about our plight, they offered to jump onto “Paradox II” to come and join us! So it was that on Saturday, we welcomed Dave and Shelly to the slip next to us in Punta Gorda, just in time for docktails. We had potluck dinner aboard Uncorked, and laughed, and talked, and laughed some more far into the star-bathed night. Sunday night brought another potluck dinner aboard Paradox II, where we decided to return together to Naples the next day.

Doug’s Transportation

Cell (239) 692-4285 Marco Island, FL. 34145

Marco Island Yacht Club

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Introducing the state-of-the-art MIYC Riverside Marina Wet Slip Membership

Because market demand for boats over 65 feet has grown substantially over the past 10 years, the inventory of available slips large enough to accommodate them in Naples and south to Marco Island is tight. In addition, and for the same 10-year period, Southwest Florida accounts for a 10% growth in boats 40 to 65 feet. The MIYC Riverside Marina will provide 27 new slips, ranging from 50 to 124 feet. All slips are designed to be a minimum of 24 feet wide.

Wet Slip Memberships Do you know someone who wants to buy a bigger boat, but they don’t know where to keep it? Tell them about our new state-of-the-art Marina! They’ll get a top-of-the-line boat slip and Full Membership in the Club, too! The sales team is ready to answer any questions! Membership sales team: Captain Geoff Fahringer: 239-253-4091 Lee Dorison: 561-756-7375 Ken Gandy: 239-877-3777 Web: www.marcoislandyachtclub.net MIYC Phone: 239-394-0199

Some slips will have lifts, all slips will have water, electricity, pump-out facilities, lighting and security cameras. A full-time Dockmaster will be on hand for any needed assistance, and each Wet Slip Membership includes member- ship as a Full Member in the Yacht Club. Construction is slated to begin in 2020, to be completed in early 2021. Because slips are in high demand, now is the time to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind, turn- key, pre- construction investment opportunity.

Marco Island Yacht Club

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MIYC Membership

Daniel and Cynthia Wolfe are siblings, and the children of Susan and Tony Wolfe . Dan won the raffle for the Marco Patriots at the Boat Parade so he has been a Tr i a l member. He has enjoyed the Club so much; he joined as Equity and has his sister on the membership

I must say, I have tried to write this column three or four times and now that it is April 1, I MUST sit down to write! Sadly, I can’t ask you if you have been Fla-mingling. If you have, you have not been social distancing so that would not be good. We have to enjoy that we can walk in the warm weather. Rocky hasn’t been on so many long walks in all his life! Rocky has also made many new doggie friends while the owners keep their distance. The Club, Members and Staff, are on my mind all the time. I have reached out to all of our Members either with a telephone call, an email or on Facebook. I have been entertained by Mare and Bob Aber! Mare is doing her CNN reporting from their den on Marco. She also has been videoing Bob cooking! Bob, we may have to have you work as the Chef “Bobb”sey Twins with Chef Bob for a Lunch and Learn, with hope, in the not too distant future! I’ve learned that most of our International Members are not local, but one couple is, who may need our help. The Didado’s daughter is here finishing college and has volunteered to help in any way she can for our members. Many of you have volunteered to help our Members. Do send a picture and brief paragraph about how you are spending your time quarantined! We all can stay in touch virtually! Chef Bob, I think we need a video with you singing! I even have exciting news to tell you that we have new Members in March! George and Patricia Riddiford have been Trial Members as they bought a boat from Walker Marine and they have joined us as Full Members.

with him. As an added benefit and to show Club support, Tony and Susan upgraded to Full Membership with the Club. It sure is an “All in the Family” support of our Club with the Wolfes. Though we all may not be together, I know Committee Chairs are working hard so that we are ready to re-open whenever we can! I talk and email with Dave Everitt on Board work, Angela Holt and I have MANY emails back and forth about FY2020 and FY2021 events for the calendar and Bob DeFeo and I keep sending figures and spreadsheets back and forth about the outlook for FY2020 as well as the Budget for FY2021. Again, if you need anything, we have Members who will help! Please reach out to me at vickib777@sbcglobal.net and I will get you in contact with someone. Know that we still want to have an ALL EQUITY Meeting as well as a SEMI-ANNUAL Meeting of the Membership. We are looking into different technologies to select the best way to do this! Vicki Bretthauer

Stay Safe until we can share some time together!

MIYC on Facebook Don't forget to 'like' our page on Facebook at www.facebook.com/yachtingmarco to see what's happening at MIYC. (You do not need to join Facebook to like our page.) If you are a member of Facebook, feel free to "Check-in" when you're attending events and to share our posts with your friends! You can also “tag” the Club when you post events you attend.

Marco Island Yacht Club

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Enhancements to your Equity Membership

We have some really exciting news for Equity members. First, many of you have asked to have some form of recognition for being an Equity member. Your Membership Committee working with the Board of Directors has subtly redesigned the Equity name badge adding a line showing that you are an Equity Member. If you would like to have your name badge replaced, please send an email to Cynthia Hultquist at membership@marcoislandyachtclub.net showing how you would like your name to read on the new badge. You will then exchange your former badge for the new badge. Also, you may remember that the wine bin program was modified so that only Equity members are allowed to have bins on the property. Below are the instructions for the new program. Wine Bin Program The Wine Bin Program is for Equity Members only. The wine is stored in our temperature-controlled cabinets. Red wines are stored at a temperature between 58-62 degrees and white wines are stored at a temperature between 48-52 degrees. An Equity Member can have one free wine bin either red or white that holds two standard 750ml bottles of wine. • Additional wine bins may be rented for one year at $50 per bin. • The corkage fee is $10 per bottle. • You may restock your bin as many times as you want. • Your name will be placed on the bin. • Only authorized staff will be allowed to stock the bins or withdraw the wine when requested. • Members are not allowed to access the wine cabinets. • If you want to use a bottle of wine on a Friday Evening, please order it in advance when you make your reservation so that your server can have it available for you. • Wine Bin Procedures An Equity Member who would like to participate in the wine bin program should e-mail the Front of House Manager at diningmgr@marcoislandyachtclub.net with the following information. • Requesting use of your free wine bin please provide your name, member number and whether you would like a red or white wine bin. • If you are renting an additional wine bin, please provide the same information as above. Your account will be charged the appropriate amount. • Your wine bottles must have your name attached. Bring them in only to Pam Dorr, Tina Carano, or Cynthia Hultquist. • A log will be kept on all wine bins.

Marco Island Yacht Club

" 18

Bob Aylwin - Manager/Executive Chef

Ahoy Members of MIYC! I hope this column finds you safe and well with family and/or other loved ones. Please know that the MIYC Clubhouse is being looked after on a day to day basis by Pam and myself. We are answering telephones, surveying the Club grounds, monitoring our refrigerators, wine coolers, HVAC units, etc. for daily temperatures as well as tracking new anticipated business and reorganizing our purveyors and suppliers during this transitional time. As most of you have figured out by now, I am by nature an optimistic fellow so when these uncertain times have reached their end, I look forward to the wonderful rebound that will occur. I would imagine that people who have never really cooked before are gaining some interest,

(possibly) whi le other “ foodies” l ike me are enjoying more time in their personal kitchens than ever before. Enjoy this recipe, feel free to call me a n y t i m e f o r a d v i c e (cooking related of course. Ha-ha) and/or questions about Club operat ions during this brief closing. 239-687-0840

Bob Aylwin Manager/Executive Chef

Stay safe, Chef Bob

Chicken Piccata Some people may wonder the difference between Scallopini and Piccata? Both Italian words meaning basically the same thing, “pounded flat” or “boneless seasoned cutlets” have been used in many forms throughout the culinary years. Over time the word Piccata became synonymous with a thin lemony sauce, often with capers and parsley. Very simple to make and so truly delicious, you could say this recipe is Scallopini Piccata which would make some Italians chuckle. Dinner for Two Ingredients

1 tsp capers 1 tsp chopped parsley ¼ cup “your favorite white wine” 3 tbsp water 1 fresh lemon 1.5 tbsp butter (not melted) Salt and Pepper Fresh Spinach for 2

2 boneless (6-7 oz.) Chicken Breast, Veal Medallions or Pork Tenderloin ¾ cup all-purpose flour seasoned with salt and white pepper (2/3 for dredging / 1/3 for sauce) ¼ cup Olive Oil 1 tbsp chopped shallots ½ tsp fresh garlic (optional)

Method Cut chicken breast into 2 or 3 scaloppini’s Light pound them flat with “meat mallet” or something similar, dredge in seasoned flour

Add olive oil to skillet and heat, when ripples develop in the oil add scallopini's and brown slightly on both sides Remove from oil and rest on fresh spinach leaves. Drain off ½ remaining oil, add shallots, garlic and capers to remaining oil and stir until slightly translucent. Add wine , ½ squeezed lemon and water Return scallopini to skillet, slice other ½ lemon into 2 or 3 slices and lay on top of chicken, add parsley and butter. Put skillet in 350-degree oven for 4 minutes. Pour scallopini and sauce over the fresh spinach leaves and enjoy.

Marco Island Yacht Club

" 19

MIYC Member Events By Angela Holt

In keeping with the mandates of the federal, state and local authorities, our Club closed on March 21. The events that were put on hold will eventually find their place on our new Club calendar. As we are sheltering in place, I've had lots of time to plan activities for when we are back- in-action. God willing, we will have a very upbeat summer schedule starting with an Independence Day Eve Party and Dance scheduled for July 3. Also on the Summer Schedule is Trivia, Karaoke/Dance Party, Lobsterfest, Dances under the Stars, Cooking with Chef and a Beach Party/Luau. As we open the Fall and Winter Season, there will be a Welcome Back Monster Mash held on Halloween Night. Now, you have plenty of time to start planning your costume. Or, you can just come as you are and judge the rest of us who might be unrecognizable. What keeps me going is planning ahead and keeping a positive view to the future. I'm hoping for the best year ever of events. I'm getting rested and ready to roll. We will be looking at a very special Country Western Jam Session ( plan on wearing

your cowboy hats); the elegant Commodore's Ball; the romantic Valentine's Dinner and Dance; and then to ce l ebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Marco Island Yacht Club - the First Annual Mar iner 's Gala which will be a dress-to- the-nines affair. I, for one, can’t wait to

Angela Holt Member Events

get started. I am thinking pos i t i ve thought s and sheltering at home. Be well, Fellow Members. The Member Events team is looking forward to seeing you as soon as possible. Angela Holt Chair, Member Events Committee Marco Island Yacht Club 908-303-2139

The Holts are “Hanging in There!” Fifteen years ago as we celebrated our 10th Anniversary in Italy, we bought a Murano chandelier in Venice to commemorate the date. Well, 15 years have past and Jon finally found the time to assemble the many pieces of glass, wire it up and now ceremoniously hang it in our new home in Lesina, Hammock Bay. Happy 25th Anniversary to us!

Marco Island Yacht Club

" 20

Wine & Dine MIYC Wine & Dine Quiz: Question: What do these things have in common?

Chef Bob, Robert Fairbrother, Marcello Palazzi, Cannellini Asiago Toast, Damilano Aeneis 2018, Baked Oyster DiMarco & Vitello Ossobuco-Gremolata. Answer: They were all part of the Italian Wine & Dine in March. And it was fabulous! Special thanks goes to Chef Bob, Robert Fairbrother and our informative guest speaker, Marcello Pallazzi.

Dining 2020 Style!

! 2 1

All Full MEMBERS European River Cruise, September 2021 September 2-9, 2021 cruise on AMA Waterways' beautiful and modern "Kristina". Luxury on the Rhone River for 7 days, Avignon to Lyon You Will Enjoy - Incredible gourmet meals - Free champagne during breakfast - Cocktail hour with complimentary wine, beer, spirits and soft drinks - Free beer and wine during meals - Free Wi-Fi

- Swimming Pool - Fitness Center - Bicycles

- Live, local entertainment - Exclusive Cocktail parties - Larger and more modern cabins than most other lines (many with walkout and French balconies) - Amazing Excursions!

Visit the fantastic temple of Ceasar Agustus, built between 20-10 BC Wine Chateaus! Chateauneuf-dePape or Hermitage Opulent Papal Palace in Avignon, the home of the 7 Popes of Europe

Marco Island Yacht Club Mission Statement Provide an extraordinary Member experience of boating, social events and dining in a warm and beautiful Club setting where fun and friendship flourish. ACT NOW! DON'T DELAY! CALL ANGIE AT 800-626-0126,ext 406, between 10 am and 6:30 pm our time. Check out the fabulous rooms, amenities and itinerary, just click here- AMA Waterways. Look for "COLORS OF PROVENCE",September 2-9, 2021 You can also call or email me directly with any questions. See you Onboard! Jim Rich, Cruise Captain - 239-248-4166 - catman1048@gmail.com

Marco Island Yacht Club

" 22

MIYC has changed the source of our email blasts (our way of letting you know what’s happening at the Club). Please add the following email address to your contacts list in order to avoid eblasts going to your spam file. broadcastmessage@marcoislandyachtclub.net If you would like to receive email blasts on other email addresses, please call the Club - 394-0199 or send an email: receptionist@marcoislandyachtclub.net eblasts

Members Recruiting Members Our Member Recruiting Member Program is in full swing for FY2020! The recruiting member and new member each receive a $100 gift certificate to use for food and beverage on a Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday Evening or at Sunday Brunch! Bring us new members and celebrate with them!

Our own Elaine rocking a tee from Island Woman.

The Compass Group at Morgan Stanley Stephen D. Macko, CFP® Senior Portfolio Manager Vice President Financial Advisor David A. Caruso Senior Portfolio Manager First Vice President Financial Advisor Janet Perri Senior Registered Associate Financial Planning Associate . Macko, CFP i r rtfolio Man ger Senior Portf lio Senior R gistered Financi l Planning i r i t Manager Associate i i l dvisor First Vice President

Morgan Stanley

David A. Caruso Janet Perri J . Zapalski, CFP

Jason M. Zapalski, CFP® Vice President Financial Advisor Vic Pr sident Fin ncial Advisor

928 N. Collier Blvd., 3rd Floor Marco Island, FL 34145 239-393-2903 928 N. Collier Blvd., 3 rd Floor Marco Island, FL 34145 239-393-2903 2017 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC. Member SIPC BC007 CRC1939448 11/17

© 2017 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC. Member SIPC.

BC007 CRC1939448 11/17

JOB INFORMATION PROJ. NO.: 9091704 / 604180390




TRIM SIZE: 8" × 2.5"

Marco Island Yacht Club

" 23

Everglades National Park now requires anyone crossing into park waters to pay an entry fee.

Park Fee Information: http://www.floridasportsman.com/2020/03/11/are-you-feed-up-yet/ https://www.nps.gov/ever/planyourvisit/fees.htm

Marco Island Yacht Club

" 24

Safety & Training

Safe Boating Videos to Help You Stay in Touch Staying home more? America’s Boating Channel’s comprehensive 2020 Video Guide is available at: bit.ly/2020VideoGuide . The online version enables you to click on DVD covers and automatically link to videos, which are ideal to post and share with others during these days of social distancing. Thanks to America’s Boating Club (USPS) for providing support during these troubled times.

Trevor Haworth Safety & Training Officer

There’s a hyperlink behind “Take The Course” its http:// track.boatus.com/t?r=3588&c=111595&l=10&ctl=6C55E: 886540721D96CFD0F41AB8453BB13ACC047460FEAF62ED3B& Vessel Safety Checks - * Stay tuned for Resumption of this Program * A reminder, again, for all members, especially those new to the Club this season, is that it is Board policy that all vessels participating in MIYC sanctioned on-the-water events must display a Vessel Safety Check sticker. Inspections are provided free of charge by either the US Coast Guard Auxiliary or America’s Boating Club. Plan to get your 2020 sticker by contacting one of the local Inspectors: Paul Soden 914-450-8066 paul.Soden@thompsonhine.com Rudi Landwaard 239-389-4444 rlandwaard@aol.com

John Saloto 703-864-5528 Dan Marinelli 239-900-0299 Trevor Haworth Safety and Training Officer (612) 805-3595 trevorhaworth3572@gmail.com

The USCG Aux has some specialty courses for those unfamiliar with the Marco environment: Boaters’ Local Knowledge and

Boaters’ Local Knowledge – Backwater Edition Click for more course schedules and to register - http://wow.uscgaux.info/content.php?unit=070-09-05&category=specialty-courses

Marco Island Yacht Club

" 25

bonita springs

marco island

RENTALS ADVISOR A The Rental Professionals




info@RentNaplesNow.com 239.455.4177

Marco Island Yacht Club

" 26

M A R I N E / 1 9 4 5

We Need Your Photos! Do you take pictures when you’re at an MIYC event? Do you take pictures when you’re on a MIYC cruise? We want to see your pictures and share them through our social media accounts and in our newsletter! We now have an easy wayfor you to share your photos – email them to: photos@marcoislandyachtclub.net. It’s that simple!

Marco Island Yacht Club

" 27

Marco Island Yacht Club

" 28

Mariner's Fund Donations from Members make a real difference to the success of Marco Island Yacht Club. Our generous Members enable the Club to make beautiful renovations and provide extra "pop" at events. For example, the Burgee Bar renovation was made possible entirely by Member donations. The bar was expanded, new drop down window covers were installed and attractive curtains and valances were added. How Can I Donate? You can make a general donation or donate for a specific project. We have identified a number of needs and wishes, which are listed in a binder just below a recognition plaque in the lobby area. Here is a sampling of initiatives we are looking for Member donations to fund: • Landscaping around the front of the Club • Upstairs dining room chairs • Major update of upstairs dining room $ 2,500-$4,000 $40,000-$50,000 $$$ to be determined If you'd like to donate to one of these initiatives or any other project of your choice, please download the Mariner Donation Form , on which you can indicate the project you wish to support, the amount of donation and how you wish to pay (separate check, credit card or Club monthly statement.) If there is something special you would like to see happen and would like to financially support, please let any member of the Board, Bridge or Mariner's Committee know. Mariner's Fund Recognition Levels A Mariner's Fund recognition plaque in the lobby hallway honors the cumulative contributions Members have made. • Bronze

$ 500 $ 2,500 $ 10,000 $ 20,000 $ 50,000 $100,000

• Silver • Gold • Platinum • Diamond • Sapphire

Final Voyage If you have enjoyed the Club, please consider a gift from your estate.

Marco Island Yacht Club

! 29

3255 Tamiami Trail N Naples Fl 34103



The Burgee Tiles in the Dockside Lounge Voting Members, do you have your personalized burgee displayed in the Dockside Lounge? If you don’t it is not too late to design one! Your Burgee tile is meant to be a replica of your private burgee. ART SELLERS located at 812 E Elkcam Circle 239-389-5269 can make one for you! They are in the same building as the Sand Bar, just at the opposite end. Go visit them to have your burgee created and displayed proudly in your Dockside Lounge!

Burgees at MIYC

Have you noticed the Burgees hanging in the Burgee Bar? A private burgee, or owner's signal, is a way of expressing your own vision of the pleasure of sailing, and pride in your boat. The tradition of a unique pennant flown from the masthead goes back hundreds of years. The word "burgee" usually refers to a yacht club flag, but modern yachtsmen often use the term for any private flag. You can choose to make your own flag or hire someone to do the sewing. Read more: How to Design Your Own Boat Burgee Flag | eHow.com http:// www.ehow.com/how_7340673_design-own-boat-burgee-flag.html#ixzz2IG39W9v5 If you need help with your Private Burgee, contact: http://sailbaglady.com/

Blue Moon

This burgee belongs to Jim and Linda Marr. Blue Moon is the name of their boat.

Marco Island Yacht Club

" 30

ONLY ONE LEVEL OF SERVICE: FULL SERVICE Why wait? Join today and save 10% off a Sea Tow

membership with promo code: MIYC Sea Tow Marco Island \ 239-394-1188 \ seatow.com

Cooperating Group Discount

Boat Owners Association of the United States

The MIYC Group Program has been renewed with Boat U.S. This entitles the person 50% on the membership ($15 instead of $30). Additional Discounts apply to towing. The Group is # GA84657B. It is best to call when an individual renews their membership. 800-395-2628

Here is a link to this web page: http://www.boatus.com/membership/group/benefits.asp Special Co-Op Group Benefits include:

Half-price BoatUS Membership. Your members are entitled to a full Membership in BoatUS for only $15 - that’s 50% off the regular $30 annual dues! Towing Package Discounts are also available through our Cooperating Group. BoatUS Member benefits include Member Rewards at West Marine stores, discounts at boating and fishing related businesses nationwide on fuel, repairs and overnight slips, on-the-water Towing Services, highly respected Marine Insurance, a subscription to BoatUS Magazine and much more.

Marco Island Yacht Club

" 31

MIYC Mini Reef Program Helps Clean Our Canals We all love our Island Paradise and the beautiful waters we boat on. Doing what we can to keep our waters clean is a priority at Marco Island Yacht Club. That’s why we are promoting Ocean Habitats’ “Mini Reefs” to Members to be installed under your docks. We have three under our MIYC docks and dozens of Members are installing them, too. . Each reef establishes an ecosystem of aquatic life under the docks which mimics the environment normally found in the prop root system of mangrove trees. Once established, one reef can clean 30,000 gallons of water a day. Left: Carri and John Kendall with David Wolff.

Below: The Mini Reefs are lowered and set it place. Right: Nancy McNally with David and her new Mini Reef.

Marco Island Yacht Club

" 32


Bridge - 2020 Commodore - Ray Rosenberg raymondhrosenberg@gmail.com Vice Commodore - Geoff Walker geoffrywalker51@gmail.com Rear Commodore - Tom Wentworth tom@uncorkednaples.com Fleet Captain Power - Pete Frazier frazier@chartermi.net Fleet Captain Sail - Dwyn von Bereghy dvonbereghy1950@gmail.com Port Captain - Henry Stanley henrystanley@prodigy.com Safety and Training Officer - Trevor Haworth trevorhaworth3572@gmail.com Director FCYC - Ray Rosenberg raymondhrosenberg@gmail.com Director FCYC Alternate - Tom Wentworth tom@uncorkednaples.com Chaplain - Alan Sandlin alan@marcorealtysource.com Recording Secretary - Dr. Shelly Derrough krachellederrough@gmail.com Quartermaster - Lee Dorison lgdorison@gmail.com Fleet Surgeon-Dr. David Randall davidarandallmd@gmail.com

Board - 2020 Chairman – Dave Everitt Vice Chairman – Bob DeFeo Treasurer - Gerry Gorman Secretary - Vicki Bretthauer Directors (term expires):

Angela Holt (2020) Tom Krepelka (2020) Ray Rosenberg (2020) Bob DeFeo (2021) Geoff Walker (2021) Bill Wallen (2021) Dave Everitt (2022) Tom Jobe (2022) Tom Wentworth (2022)

2020 MIYC Commi t t e e s

Building and Grounds Geoff Walker, Chair Heyward Boyce Dale DeFeo Meredith Downton Mary McKeown John Steeves Marketing/ Communications Carol Comeaux, Chair Jeff Comeaux Vicki Bretthauer Michelle Hennessy Jim Marr Linda Marr Erin Milchman Kevin O’Neill Dwyn von Bereghy Marine Facilities Jim Marr, Chair Boating Committee Pete Frazier, Co-Chair Dwyn Von Bereghy, Co-Chair

Membership Vicki Bretthauer, Chair Tom Jobe, Vice Chair Kathy Caruso, Secretary Carol Comeaux (Comm) Jeff Comeaux (Walker) Lee Dorison Kathy Hershberger (MIMA) Cyndee Kennedy Bruce Kraemer Melanie Kraemer Linda Marr Henry Stanley Kelley Wentworth Mariners Fund Jon Holt, Co-chair Angela Holt, Co-chair Linda Marr

Ship’s Store Sandy Wallen, Chair

Tom Morrison Jim Rich Ray Rosenberg

Buyer, Merchandiser

Bill Schroeder Geoff Walker Finance Gerry Gorman, Chair David Caruso Bob DeFeo Jon Holt Bruce Kraemer Member Events Angela Holt, Chair Patti Cohen Deb DeVries Russ Doeringer Cara Dubay Ellie Everitt MA Harlacker Jon Holt Alice Jobe Carri Kendall Marguerite Steeves Nancy Traiser Advisory Members Alice Jobe Bill Wallen

Mary McKeown,

Vice Chair, Schedule & Merchandising Michele - Vice Chair, Inventory Head Ellie Everitt, Head of Training & Jonas input Diana Winterhalter, Jonas Input Shirley Bishop Mimi Conner Shelly Derrough

Kathleen Douglas Meredith Downton Ellie Everitt MaryCarleen Ferry Kerry Heckenlaible Mary McKeown Grace Pantano Kimberly Porter Marguerite Steeves Nancy Traiser Mary Varisco Cinda Walker Sandy Wallen Diana Winterhalter

Dick Pantano Henry Stanley

Diana Winterhalter Operations & HR Robert DeFeo, Chair Bob Aber

Joan Gorman M.A. Harlacker Mark Mosley Tom Wentworth

Jeff Comeaux Peggy Frazier Jim Marr Trevor Hayworth Jim Heckenlaible

Vicki Bretthauer Carol Comeaux Linda Marr

Marco Island Yacht Club

" 33

JULIE & BROCKWILSON Julie’s Cell: (239) 595-5983 Brock’s Cell: (239) 595-6767 julie.wilson@PremierSir.com brock.wilson@sothebysrealty.com Premier Sotheby’s International Realty The Esplanade ~ 760 N. Collier Blvd. Marco Island, FL 34145

Serving Marco Island & Naples for over 22 years

Feel free to contact us by email. We love to hear from you. Exec. Chef and Restaurant Manager - Bob Aylwin ext. 305 robert@marcoislandyachtclub.net Dining Manager - ext. 304 Pamela Dorr diningmgr@marcoislandyachtclub.net Sales/Catering - ext. 304 Pamela Dorr catering@marcoislandyachtclub.net Membership - ext. 303 Cynthia Hultquist membership@marcoislandyachtclub.net Finance Manager - ext. 306 Carlota Sanchez accounting@marcoislandyachtclub.net Contributions to AnchorLines - email anchorlines@yahoo.com Reservations - 239-394-0199 ext. 301 receptionist@marcoislandyachtclub.net Dockmaster's Office - 642-2531 nancymima@comcast.net


Located across from “Shops of Marco”

jump spa

239.821.9200 118 South Barfield Dr #B Marco Island, FL 34145 KarenMarco@aol.com


THE SHOPS OF MARCO (Publix Center) 119 S. Barfield Dr., Marco Island, FL 34145 MIYC Member 1 st visit 10% Discount

Marco Island Yacht Club

" 34

Marco Island Yacht Club Friday Golf Group Marco Island Yacht Club has a lot of members who enjoy getting out on the links. In recognition of this, we have a golf club within the yacht club! Every Friday morning a MIYC men’s golf group gets together at one of the local courses to enjoy the beautiful Florida weather and golf. This golfing opportunity has been going strong for many years, probably as long as MIYC has been a private, non-profit yacht club. In the winter and spring when we play at Hibiscus, the weekly participants swell to around 50 players on any given Friday. In the summer, when many in the group head north, some weeks we only have between 12 and 20 for play at The Glades. For those of you who have no knowledge about our Friday golf, let me tell you that it is right for everyone of us who can still swing a golf club and bend down to pick up a golf ball! It is purely for the fun of being out

together and enjoying each other’s company on a beautiful 18 holes. Additionally, every 4 -6 weeks, we have a $5.00 tournament that usually has three flights. Everyone has a good chance to win. So, please, if you are looking for some friendly golf on a Friday morning, consider joining our group. Call me at 239-970-0273 or Bob Winterhalter at 239-389-0825, for more information and to get signed up. Dick Irwin, Past Commodore

MIYC's "Sunshine Program" Please help us spread the sunshine! Let us know about big milestones such as 50th anniversaries or other special occasions or achievements. We'll share them with Members in Anchor Lines and send a card to the celebrating Members. Also let us know about any Member who is hospitalized so we can send a card to cheer them up. Meet Our Own “Mary Sunshine!”

Our contact point for this information will be Mary McKeown...our "Miss Mary Sunshine!" She's the one to tell when you know of a major event, happy or sad -- and Mary will be sure to get the word out.

Please contact her at: maryamckeown@aol.com or 847-812-8386

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