MIYC April 2020

Marco Island Yacht Club Anchor Lines

April 2020

Volume 20:4

MIYC Extended Cruise to Hawks Cay

While many MIYC Members were cruising in the Bahamas, Bill and Sandy Wallen and their wonderful boat "Flamingo," cruised over to Duck Key for the week of March 9, finishing up the week up at Faro Blanco. Along for the ride to the (not so quiet) mid-Keys were the Holts, Winterhalters, and Henry Stanley, all of whom bunked in at Hawks Cay Resort, still alive and jumping with vacationers and Spring Breakers before the big close-down occurred. Hawks Cay was loaded with activities by the hour, but the highlight was the people swimming with the dolphins, which were not only making children laugh and giggle, but were doing their fancy stunts all on their own. After a pleasant overnight stop and dinner at Faro Blanco, another charming mid-Key, we cruised home with following seas and breezes, ready to get back to Marco and begin our "Social Distancing."

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