Lord Nrsimhadeva Comes to Mayapur

Introduction nama om vishnu-padaya krishna-preshthaya bhu-tale srimate bhaktivedanta-svamin iti namin e I offer my respectful obeisances unto His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, who is very dear to Lord Krishna, having taken shelter at His lotus feet.

namas te sarasvate deve gaura-vani-pracarine nirvisesha-sunyavadi-pascatya-desa-tarine

Our respectful obeisances are unto you, O spiritual master, servant of Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Goswami. You are kindly preaching the message of Lord Chaitanyadeva and delivering the Western countries, which are filled with impersonalism and voidism. A Miracle in the Making ~ Home of Our Divine Protector This book has been produced in conjunction with the scheduled opening of Lord Nrsimhadeva’s Wing in the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium in the Fall of 2023. It will be the largest Nrsimhadeva Temple in the world with a surrounding square footage of over 10,000 sq. ft., and a gorgeous and opulent granite and marble altar made to suit the Divine Protector of all devotees. It is a miracle in the making, and so was this small book. While developing the idea for this publication, I searched high and low for any photos of Lord Nrsimhadeva being made by the sthapati (Deity carver), and His glorious arrival in Mayapur in July, 1986. I found only one very low-res, poor quality image on Facebook. Several emails to specific devotees that might have access to photos went unanswered. The Bhaktivedanta Archives had nothing. Giving up hope, I went ahead and started a draft of the book’s content and layout when Braja-sevaki dasi in Mayapur told me to contact Bhakta Gana dasi, the wife of Bharat Maharaja das, both of whom lived in Mayapur for several years. Bharat Maharaja was responsible for many architectural wonders built on the ISKCON Mayapur complex over the years, including the original design and models of our beloved Pancha Tattva Deities. By Lord Nrsimhadeva’s arrangement, Bhakta Gana had kept a collection


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