Newsletter 101 Cheat Sheet

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PURPOSE • Inform - consider making this article longer (three-fourths of a page instead of half) for more information.

WHAT TO INCLUDE • Articles relevant to the demographic and their personal (B2C) or professional (B2B) lives. • Substantial and/or valuable information. • Solid advice that is actionable. WHAT TO AVOID • Information that is irrelevant to your demographic. • Industry-specific information. • Expounding on personal opinions or interests — keep this to the cover article.

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PURPOSE • Offer your reader education or information related to your business. • If applicable, include a call to action in this article (this is a subtle and non-threatening way to market in a newsletter).

WHAT TO INCLUDE • Referral programs details. • Success stories or testimonials. • Patient, client, or affiliate spotlights. • Product or service highlights.

WHAT TO AVOID • Coupons and advertisements.



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