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A Great Way to Support Local Teachers


I’ve talked before about how I’m a bit of a black sheep in my family. My dad was a school superintendent and teacher, my mom was a teacher, so many of my extended family members are teachers, and I married a teacher! So I have no lack of reasons to celebrate National Teacher Month this May. But as I got to thinking about the topic, I really wanted to highlight a community organization that is doing great work to support local teachers and students: the Kalispell Education Foundation (KEF). I joined the board of the KEF about a year ago. My kids are grown and out of the school district, but I have such a heart for kids and a great respect for this organization that I’m happy to devote time to the cause. A surprising number of people aren’t familiar with KEF, though there’s been some awesome leadership in recent years working to change that, and KEF has awarded Kalispell teachers and staff almost 100 grants totaling $118,255 since 2009! These grants are a big part of KEF’s vision, which I love so much that I’ll give it to you word for word: “Every teacher is afforded the resources to inspire and deliver the best education to each individual student.” Despite the fact that funding is routinely tight for local public schools, they’re still the best in the state. The teachers and staff dig deep to make our schools top tier, and KEF wants to make sure that they don’t have to fund any of the projects they want to do to enhance classroom learning out of their own pocket. Or as the website says, “A lack of funding should not be a barrier to a great idea.” We all know that teachers are being asked to do more and more every year with fewer and fewer resources. But we don’t want that to limit our teachers’ creativity or our students’ exposure to a variety of different ways of learning.

We all have the ultimate goal of providing the best academic experience possible. KEF’s Great Opportunities Grant Program is helping to support the district to make that possible. The KEF grants are supporting so many neat projects. Some are art-focused like the Hands On Ukulele grant, which is giving every fifth grader in School District 5 the opportunity to learn kinesthetically through playing the ukulele. Others are science-focused like the NASA GLOBE Program now available to Kalispell Middle School (KMS) students, which allows students to collect data on local ecosystems and complete original research. And others teach life skills like a Fly-Tying Grant at KMS that’s helping support a longtime club that offers fly-tying and casting classes and allows students to gain confidence, learn new skills, and enjoy the outdoors. I could go on and on about the many grants we’ve given out just in the year I’ve been serving on the board, but for the sake of time, I’ll point you to if you want to see the full list. One reason I love living in this community is that we all support our local schools, students, and teachers. KEF is a nonprofit organization that is essentially a cheerleader for the schools. We’d love to have more community members volunteer with us and sit on our board. There’s really great energy in the organization right now, so it’s a great time to join the cause! If you aren’t able to get involved by volunteering, you can also donate. All donations go directly to the grant program and help our local teachers continue to provide amazing and unique opportunities for our kids. Learn more by visiting the website or just ask me about it next time you’re in the clinic. I’m passionate about this organization and proud of the work we’re doing, so I’m always happy to talk more about it. Oh, and be sure to thank your teachers and recognize their hard work this month!

– Dr. Jevon Clark



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I can’t believe I’m already famous, and I’m only 6 months old! Even though I’m young, I do think I have a pretty neat story, and I can’t wait to tell you about my dad, Tyler.

Tyler adopted me a few months ago from the local shelter when I was just 4 months old, even though I had a limp as a result of an injury. Tyler wasn’t scared off by my limp, and it sure didn’t stop me from running around and having fun. One thing you should know about my dad is that he had a really awesome dog before me named Trapper. I really hope I can fill his paw prints someday; I’ve heard so much about what a cool dog he was.

How to Live to 99 Beloved “Golden Girls” actress Betty White is still enjoying her golden years. The famed actress celebrated her 99th birthday this January. While she told People magazine that she’s “blessed with good health, so turning 99 is no different than turning 98,” she also had a few tips for folks looking to make it to their centennial birthday. Keep Laughing “Don’t take yourself too seriously,” White says. “You can lie to others — not that I would — but you cannot lie to yourself.” White has undoubtedly provided many laughs to viewers over the years, but she’s not just playing it up for the camera. Laughter is part of what keeps her young. Be Optimistic BETTY WHITE’S SECRETS OF LONGEVITY

Dad had taken Trapper to Dr. Clark for many years. In fact, he credits Dr. Clark with helping Trapper live to 15 1/2 years old!


Dad wanted to give me the best start possible, so he took me to see Dr. Clark to get my leg checked out, knowing that I still have a lot more growing to do. I’m glad he did because Dr. Clark did some X-rays that showed I needed surgery to fix my leg and help make sure I grow up big and strong, just like Trapper did. Right now, I’m all stapled and bandaged up. Dad has to make sure that my puppy energy doesn’t get the best of me. It’s hard, but I need to take it easy for the 6–14 weeks it’ll take to heal. The surgery was easy. I just went to dreamland. But the post-op part is hard! I’m trying to be patient, but I can’t wait to run around again soon. People tell my dad that he was lucky to find me, but I think I was lucky to

b who leav s

White says a good sense of humor also helps her keep a good attitude and look for the positive rather than “dwelling on the downside.” Avoiding negativity also gives her energy. “It takes up too much energy being negative,” she told People magazine. Stay Busy With nearly eight decades of acting under her belt, six Emmys on her shelf, and over 120 screen credits to her name, White is no stranger to hard work. As she told Parade in 2018, “I just love to work, so I’ll keep working until they stop asking.” Exercise Your Mind In addition to her busy work schedule, what keeps Betty White sharp? Crossword puzzles! She told Katie Couric in an interview, “I’m addicted. An admitted addict. I just can’t put ’em down.” Find a Cause White is a lifelong animal lover. She calls her golden retriever, Pontiac, “the star of the house.” While pet ownership itself comes with proven health benefits, White has channeled her love for animals in bigger causes. She’s been a trustee and board member of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association for over 40 years and has done work to help protect endangered species in the wild. Funds raised from White’s official fan club, Bet’s Pets, all go to support animal charities. Embrace Your Vices White told Parade she loves vodka and hot dogs “probably in that order,” which just goes to show that you don’t have to forgo your treats to live to 99.

Your Dog’s Fav

While you enjoy your favorite grilled meals this Memorial Day weekend, don’t forget about the dogs!


• • • • • • •

1/2 lb ground lamb or chicken

1/2 cup cooked rice 1/4 cup plain yogurt 1/2 tsp ground cumin

1/2 tsp salt

Extra-virgin olive oil, for drizzling Small dinner rolls (optional)



find him! Back when Dad had Trapper, he took him to work every day to hang out on the job site. Word is that Trapper was awesome at this. Dad is an electrical contractor, so Trapper learned how to hang out at job sites and not get Meet Jasper!


in anyone’s way. Though, he did come in for pets for their breaks, and he was notorious for walking around at 4:30 p.m. signaling to everyone that it was time to clean up and head home! What a cool dog! I’m following in his footsteps too. Since I’m still recovering from my surgery, Dad has been keeping me in the back of the truck, which he’s converted into a really awesome hangout spot for me. This way, I can rest up and Dad can check in on me. Pretty soon, I’ll start learning the ropes on the job site and channeling my inner Trapper to be the best job dog ever!

AND GET DIABETES UNDER CONTROL Did you know that Dr. Clark is passionate about diabetes treatments for animals? He helped his now-adult son learn to manage his Type 1 diabetes growing up, and he brings that human connection and care to diabetic animals at the Animal Clinic of Kalispell. Continuous glucose monitoring is making that care even easier, more affordable, and more accurate! The clinic now offers the FreeStyle Libre continuous glucose monitor system for diabetic pets. Instead of having to bring your cat or dog in to the clinic several times to get poked to check their glucose levels, you can have one of our veterinarians implant a chip in a single visit that allows you to read your pet’s glucose levels as frequently as you’d like over the course of two weeks! Implanting the chip will feel like getting an insulin shot for your pet. There are many advantages to the continuous monitoring system. Your pet gets to avoid the stress of coming into the veterinarian’s office several times to get poked for a glucose read so we can establish their glucose curve. That stress has also been shown to lead to less accurate data. Good data is essential for establishing the best plan of care for your pet and keeping their diabetes under control. Because you can monitor your pet at home where they are in their natural environment and collect more data with this system, the results tend to be more accurate and better serve us in treating your pet properly.

This is Jasper’s brother, Trapper, o we just couldn’t ave out. You know, sibling rivalvry.

I’m so glad Dad took me to see Dr. Clark. Not only am I going to be so strong and healthy after I heal up, but I also made a lot of friends at the clinic. I love seeing the ladies at the clinic. They give me so many pets and so much attention. (Can you blame them? I’m pretty cute!) I’m all

wiggle-butt when Dad and I walk in there. Sometimes I even join in on the morning staff meetings. I’m just trying to get used to reporting to work each morning, so I’ll be ready to go to work with Dad every day.

I know that with Dr. Clark on our team, I’m sure to live a long and happy life just like Trapper. Yeah, I am a really lucky dog.

vorite Sliders


1. In a bowl, combine meat, rice, yogurt, cumin, and salt. 2. Form the mixture into 4 patties. 3. Drizzle each side of patties with extra-virgin olive oil. 4. In a heated nonstick skillet, cook patties for 3–4 minutes per side. 5. Place cooked sliders on a small roll for an extra treat, then chop the sliders into bite-size pieces for easy consumption!

This is also a more time-efficient and cost-effective system. Fewer trips to the clinic mean more time and money for you and less stress for your companion animal. It’s a win-win! If you have experience caring for a diabetic animal, you know that things can change fast. Continuous glucose monitoring helps you track those changes and get things back under control. If your pet has been newly diagnosed with diabetes, you’ll want to work with us to find the best way to manage this condition and ensure your pet is happy and healthy and that you get as many years together as possible.

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Support KEF to Help Local Teacher


99-Year-Old Betty White’s Secrets of Longevity


Meet Jasper!


Your Dog’s Favorite Sliders


A Better Way to Monitor Glucose and Manage Pet Diabetes Australian Wombats Are Saving the Day!


Australian Wombats in Charge


Remember the Australian wildfires of 2019–2020? These fires ravaged large areas of the country, displacing and leaving countless animals to fight for survival. To make matters worse, swaths of the country have been dealing with drought. It’s one challenge after another for humans and animals alike. But one species has taken matters into its own “hands.” Numerous wombats have been discovered digging holes in search of water

At this particular watering hole, Finnie captured all sorts of creatures on camera — birds, emus, possums, echidnas, and monitor lizards — congregating around the wombats’ creation. What isn’t known is how, exactly, the wombats discovered the water, but they surmise the animals likely picked up on environmental clues and dug until they found what they were looking for. Interestingly enough, wombats have been known to help other animals in the past. During the Australian fires, countless animals were left searching for refuge, and they found it in wombat burrows.

— and they found it! According to Australia’s ABC News, one group of wombats was discovered on a farm in New South

While the wombats weren’t exactly welcoming other species into their homes with open arms, they

Wales, which was situated over a large underground reservoir. So, the wombats went to work. One farmer, Ted Finnie, reported that

seemed to “tolerate” the visitors, as one ecologist with the University of Adelaide noted. It was a case of accidental heroism, much like their search for water, but it was heroism nonetheless.

wombats dug a hole roughly 4 meters deep by 20 meters wide (or about 65 feet). Their incredible work made this source of water remarkably accessible.



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