The Experience Summer 2018

where are they now? BY MIKE BUSH (‘81)

Describe a highlight or two from your time on staff? When Connie was pregnant with our son, Stephen, Kay Butler, wife of MA Butler who worked with Bible Clubs at Headquarters, was also expecting. Marge Wyrtzen believed if pregnant gals ate a Chinese meal they would give birth shortly thereafter. Jack and Marge took all four of us out for a Chinese meal, and the next night both Connie and Kay had baby boys about 45 minutes apart at the Glens Falls Hospital. What were your ministry responsibilities after leaving Word of Life? After leaving Word of Life I became president of Citadel Bible College in Arkansas where I ministered for 13 years and then became pastor of Tulsa Bible Church. After that, I was involved in a counseling ministry for a number of years in private practice and on a church staff. I served as a hospice chaplain for four years. Where are you now and what are you currently doing? Currently I live in Greensboro, North Carolina, where I spend most of my time writing. I authored a book in 1981 entitled The Danger of Self-Love , which was published by Moody Press. I published a book in 2016 entitled Counterattack, Why Evangelicals Are Losing the Culture War and How They Can Win . I am currently working on a second edition of that book. I also post weekly to a blog at I offer a free book on the blog that I wrote related to the Rapture entitled This is the Generation . What words of encouragement and/or exhortation for our alumni? Continue your commitment to the Scriptures, and constantly seek to identify what it actually says, which may not correspond to the contemporary evangelical consensus.

an interview with paul brownback

Tell us about your immediate family. Connie and I currently live in Greensboro, North Carolina. Our daughter, Stephanie, and her family also live in Greensboro. Our son, Stephen, and his family live in Richmond. Steve attended the Bible Institute for two years. He was a dorm supervisor, was in charge of the counselors on The Island during the summer, and had a leading role in a couple of the plays for the Word of Life tours. Connie and I have four grandchildren. How did you get connected to Word of Life? I attended West Point. Jack Wyrtzen liked to have cadets involved in his rallies and invited me to participate in several. Connie and I were stationed in Germany when the Word of Life German quartet was starting their ministry. We got to know them, and Connie played the keyboard for their first recording in Frankfurt, Germany. During my last year in seminary, Jack invited me to start and head up the Bible Institute in Schroon Lake. What were your ministry responsibilities at Word of Life Bible Institute? Your wife’s? I was the first Dean of the Bible Institute when it opened in 1970 and was there through the 1974 school year. Connie was in charge of the music program, including training and leading the Collegians.

paul brownback

This picture is of Connie and me with our daughter and son, Stephanie and Stephen (‘97). They were both born in December, during snowstorms, while we were on staff at Word of Life.


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