2022 Suntory Catalog

Sunrosa rose Outstanding landscape roses ✓ Highly disease resistant ✓ Low maintenance ✓ Compact and bushy habit ✓ Long flowering period ✓  Heat tolerant plus hardy to Zone 5 SUNROSA ® rose

DID YOU KNOW? Sunrosa roses make great standards! Easy to grow as tree form.


Yellow Delight ZARsunornu

Orange Delight ZARsunorgdlt

Red ZARSBJOH 2015 Top Performer Perennial Colorado State University

Genus Family


Rosaceae Perennial

Plant type Hardiness Bloom time Bloom size

Sunrosa ® habit • Compact, upright, bushy • Height: 15-36 inches • Spread: 12-18 inches

Zone 5

Year round in Southern climates

1 1 / 2 -2 inch


Full sun to partial sun

Growing temperatures 60-76˚F pH 5.5-6.0 Grower pots

Gallons and larger Gallons and larger

Retail containers

Crop times

1 gallon, 8-10 weeks 2-3 gallon, 12-16 weeks

Fragrant Pink ZARsunfrapk


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