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E very Halloween, parents around the country warn their children about something truly scary: poison, pins, and needles in Halloween candy. Fortunately, it turns out that these concerns are largely unfounded. Researchers who have looked into scares regarding Halloween candy have found they’re mostly hoaxes, with no evidence at all for the vast majority of scares. However, it is always better to be safe and take the necessary precautions. Follow these tips, and everyone will be sure to enjoy this spooky season. PLAN THE ROUTE AHEAD OF TIME If your children want to venture outside your neighborhood on Halloween, take a drive through the areas they want to explore in advance. With their help, you can plan a route so they won't get lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood. The quick drive will also give you an idea of which blocks have ideal sidewalks. If some lack walkways entirely, I recommend choosing another neighborhood or area for your trick-or-treating adventures. Neighborhoods without sidewalks require extra caution, especially with the high volume of people in the area. You can try out different routes to avoid densely congested areas on Halloween and keep your kids safe while going door to door. Many local police departments have a noticeable presence in certain neighborhoods on Halloween. Stick to these neighborhoods to help ensure a safe holiday. MAKE THEIR COSTUMES SHINE BRIGHT If your children love dark and creepy costumes, make sure they're still visible when it gets dark. With a little reflective tape or glow-in-the-dark sticks added to their outfits, you'll be able to see them from down the street! Ensure none of your kids are wearing oversized shoes or dragging accessories, as that will help reduce the risk of a trip and fall. USE SAFE FACE PAINT If your little Hulk prefers face paint, use nontoxic or natural products to complete their look. Many popular face paint brands contain unneeded parabens and petroleum-based

ingredients, but it is super easy to make DIY face paint! You can use simple, store-bought products like corn starch, flour, lotion, and food coloring. Regardless of the method you use, test the paint on your child's inner arm two days beforehand to make sure they will not have an allergic reaction and the paint won’t stain their skin. TEACH YOUR KIDS ROADSIDE SAFETY Test your kids to make sure they know the rules of the road. Some of the basics include using crosswalks and walking against the flow of traffic. Even if there is no oncoming traffic, make sure they know to only cross the street when the traffic signals allow. DON’T FORGET THE TREATS Allergies are a very real danger to children during this season. According to, over 5 million kids under the age of 18 have a food allergy. Try to buy allergy-friendly candies for trick-or-treaters, like Mike and Ikes, Peeps, Skittles, Dots, and Smarties. However, it is important to remember that I don’t have any allergies, so feel free to drop off all your extra Snickers bars for my enjoyment! The urban legends of poison, pins, and needles in Halloween candy may still keep parents up at night, but tips like these will help ensure a fun and safe holiday. For more Halloween tips and tricks, visit

Have a fun-filled and safe Halloween, everyone!

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