American Consequences - July 2019


MUST do to survive and prosper in the years to come. We’d like to send it to you after you watch American Consequences 2020 . You see, what’s coming next in our country will be a lot worse than the tech crash. It will be a lot worse than the mortgage crisis too. No matter how sound your financial footing, what’s coming in 2020 is the most important

Dear Reader, You feel it, deep in your gut. This is not the America it used to be . Anger on both sides is rising as we head into the 2020 presidential election. And in the words of socialist and potential Democratic Party presidential candidate Bernie Sanders: “What seems radical today could become mainstream tomorrow.” For the first time in American history, a divided populace could put a socialist President in the White House in the 2020 election. How will this national nightmare turn out? If you feel like you’re never really getting the full story from the mainstream media, we agree. We filmed a brand new documentary called American Consequences 2020 to show the real story of how we got to where we are today... where we’re heading next... and how to protect yourself when we get there. This film goes deep with interviews with Dr. Ron Paul , Congressman Thomas Massie , economic journalist P.J. O’Rourke , Stansberry Research founder Porter Stansberry , and many more... Fed insider Danielle DiMartino Booth ,

If you sit on the sidelines and do nothing to prepare for the 2020 election... you may fall victim to this socialist agenda in ways you couldn’t ever imagine . Specifically, in this documentary, you’ll learn: • Why we could soon have a “total disintegration of society,” according to Dr. Ron Paul. • Why Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez is only the start of this massive political shift. • How “cronyism” got us here... and

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There’s so much more you’ll learn too including... • The one financial asset you must have to survive the next crisis. There’s no telling how bad social unrest may be. This strategy was taught to me by one of the richest and most successful men I know when we were in the middle of a crisis in South America. This secret costs almost nothing but could save your life. (page 82) • The incredible way the U.S. government took nearly 69% of Americans hard-earned savings, practically overnight, during a previous Jubilee. (page 7) • Why the debts Americans owe today on college, autos, and credit cards are actually much more dangerous than the money owed during the mortgage crisis of 2008. (page 27) To start watching this new documentary, simply visit the website below. You don’t want to miss this!

issue facing you and your money today. This book explains the history of financial Jubilees in America and elsewhere around the world.

what that anger will lead to. We examine what’s coming – and why it will be a national nightmare... we explain how this crisis has come about... and

we even dig into a shocking twist that essentially no one sees coming. Watch American Consequences 2020 today , before it’s too late. Your FREE Hardback Book And as a special bonus, we’ll also send you what could become the most important book in America over the next few years... It’s called: The American Jubilee , and it explains much more about America’s biggest problem today... and what you

And most importantly, it explains everything you need to know and what to do to prepare for the first Jubilee in our country in nearly 50 years . Will you survive the 2020 election? In The American Jubilee , you’ll learn not only what happened in the 1930s... but also what happened during two of America’s other Jubilees, in the 1840s and 1960s. And you’ll learn how other countries have implemented Jubilees of their own...

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