Focus Level 1 Students Book Unit 1

Free time and routines • Collocations I can talk about free time activities and routines. 1.1 Vocabulary

SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW 1 In pairs, think of as many words or phrases as you can that start with verbs 1–6. Then compare with the class. 1 go to the cinema 2 watch 3 play 4 read 5 listen to 6 have 2 Tell your partner which things from Exercise 1 you do. Find the things you both do. We go to the cinema.


3 Read about Mike. Tick the things he does in the table on page 13. 4 Read about Mike’s sister, Tina. Tick the things she does in the table on page 13. Then find four things both Mike and Tina do.

Like father, like son.


U N I T L A N G U A G E A N D S K I L L S Vocabulary: • Show what you know – free-time and routine activities • collocations – have , go and play • verb + noun collocations • verb + preposition collocations Grammar: • Present Simple: affirmatives and negatives • adverbs of frequency • Present Simple: yes/no and wh- questions Listening: • an interview about people’s typical weekends • multiple choice Reading: • a magazine article about family life • multiple choice Speaking: • preferences






Writing: • an informal email

In my free time I go out with friends or listen to music. In good weather we go to the park and have a picnic or just go for a walk. In bad weather we go to the gym at the sports centre or to the cinema. Sometimes we play computer games or watch DVDs. I love spending time with my friends – we always have fun. My sister Tina is dierent. Information 5

F O C U S E X T R A • Grammar Focus pages 110–111 • WORD STORE booklet pages 2–3 • Workbook pages 8–19 or MyEnglishLab • MP3s –


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