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Engaging videos are the darling of modern marketing, and when companies do videos right, they can be hugely successful. But when they miss the mark, they might go viral for all the wrong reasons. Here are five lessons you can learn from the best business videos. Use a script. Even if the person in your video is the leading expert on the topic, you still need a plan for what they’re going to say. Lay out the facts, incorporate an interesting story, and keep it conversational. Scripts help you control the tone so the video isn’t one big information dump. Invest in quality equipment. Popular viral videos are often shot on a cellphone, but shaky footage and poor sound quality won’t help your company. You need to hire a professional to film your video, or at least use professional equipment. Bad lighting, background noise, and other amateur mistakes will dilute your message and guarantee audiences won’t respond to your video the way you want them to. Include the right music. Music is tricky. When it’s not there, the video feels uncomfortable. But choose the 5 Secrets of SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS VIDEOS When you don’t understand the fine print of workers’ compensation, it can cost you big. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about workers’ compensation. Insurance companies often muddle the facts and try to frustrate you. The more you know, the better prepared you can be when working with insurance companies after an injury. Here are three misconceptions to watch out for. Misconception: If your employer treats you with respect or “like family,” they’ll stick by you after an injury. Reality: Following an on-the-job injury, your claim will go to an insurance adjuster. It goes past your boss, your company’s HR department, and the business owner. Insurance adjusters don’t look at your situation “like family.” Their goal is to pay out as little as possible. There’s no respect or sympathy. Your employer may be by your side, but this means next to nothing when dealing with an insurance company. Misconception: Your injury and claim is 100 percent legitimate, so the insurance company will pay your wages and benefits without hesitation.

wrong music, and your video becomes unintentionally hilarious. As strange as it sounds, the best music is the kind your audience never notices. Fortunately, there’s plenty of royalty-free music that can fit with any budget and video atmosphere. Pick the right clothes. The clothing you wear in your video has more of an effect than you may realize. Sure, you get compliments on your striped blue shirt all the time, but that shirt will ruin your video. Stripes and patterns tend to move when they appear on camera, which can be distracting. Solid colors are the best option. Don’t drag on. If someone sends you an eight- minute video, how likely are you to watch it? Eric Guerin, executive producer at Adelie Studios, reports that 53 percent of people who watch business videos leave after one minute. Your videos should be under five minutes, with an ideal time frame of 2 1/2 minutes. Most companies make videos these days, so the competition is fierce. Remember these tips to give your next business video a boost so it stands out above the rest.

The Misconceptions of Workers’ Comp


Reality: Despite evidence, insurance companies will likely not believe you. Adjusters work under the assumption that you are trying to take advantage of the situation. As a result, you may see lengthy delays in payments. They want you to give up and return to work, even if you are injured. That way, they no longer have to

continue the payments, late or not. Misconception: Because the benefits of workers’ compensation have been legally defined, your lawyer cannot get you more than what you are due.

Reality: While workers’ compensation has been legally defined, every situation is different. Insurance adjusters will throw their weight around and do everything they can to delay payments or pay out as little as possible. A lawyer can help you navigate these issues

and make sure you aren’t taken advantage of. Just as the adjuster can throw their weight around against you, your lawyer can do the same for you.

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